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Old 2013-04-06, 21:52   Link #401
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I can't believed my joke happened.

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Old 2013-04-06, 22:46   Link #402
Osana-Najimi Shipper
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I frigging hate you uis. Why you make me (us?) suffer? You jinxed it I say!

And yeah, ironically, everything revolves around Sakura and yet she never 'wins'. But as they say, third time is the charm, so maybe this time around...

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Old 2013-04-06, 23:11   Link #403
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Spoiler for If season 2 is possible:
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Old 2013-04-07, 09:50   Link #404
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Didn't get time to play VN so when I saw ep 13 ending with usual harem way "I want just to be like this with everyone" saying from protagonist and the end I thought that this Da Capo really sucks
but just like its predecessor I hope there will still be the continuation as according to me, one of Da Capo anime series' good point was that at the end the protagonist will choose someone and hurt the others even how good the protagonist is towards all girls, so as to make the conclusion and not becoming the usual sucks harem anime.....

a bit disturbed seeing the point of view that look to the breast in every episode....-_-
a bit happy seeing Junichi, Nanaka, and Mibanana~ there's Nemu but no Kotori....:'(
fortunately like Rikka in this da capo, so finally I can be happy seeing the ending with the heroine I like as the probability with Rikka is so so high

If there is next season, I wonder will they make every girls story part.... like his friend's sister or suginami's slave (?)
ah, there's suginami again.... he's everywhere in da capo.... the mascot (?) lol
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Old 2013-10-02, 15:59   Link #405
Akuma Kousaka
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I liked the first several episodes because the same setting can have self-contained stories. Unfortunately it tried to plot and the comparisons to the previous Da Capo cropped up. More thoughts below...
Spoiler for Length:
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Old 2013-10-03, 03:40   Link #406
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Originally Posted by Akito Kinomoto View Post
The end result isn’t delicious at all and tastes like Da Crapo.
Clearly you worked on that one all week.

I think this is where it's important to put in context what this is: a teaser for the game. This doesn't by any means shield the anime from criticism if you try to consider it a complete/standalone story, but essentially the entire story of the anime (minus some anime-original additions) is from the trial of the game (which you can download for free from the Circus website). Given that covering the entire game would be completely impossible in one-cour, I wasn't too offended that they went with this lighter approach... but, inevitably, if you want the real story (that starts from the point the anime ends), you need to play the game... which thankfully enough is going to be released in English in the not-too-distant future. But, clearly, if you try to judge this anime as a complete story in its own right, it's entirely incomplete -- by design.

Spoiler for Reference to D.C. II S.S. Epilogue:
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Old 2015-01-21, 09:19   Link #407
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Just finished it, it's sad they only covered the prologue. Hopefully there will be another season someday covering weathervane, zero and da capo routes, otherwise I will have to play the game when the official English release comes out. But it's possible that it will cover Platinum Partner instead.

Second seasons of DC and DC II aired around when extensions/spin-off games to the main titles were released. So DC III has a chance of getting another season if there will be more extensions/spin-off to DC III game.
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Old 2015-01-22, 04:46   Link #408
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To be honest, I don't think it's very likely that they'll come back for more at this point. The anime didn't sell particularly well (sort of average for VN adaptations), and I think most DC fans at this point are already hooked. Although it's always nice to see the whole story animated, I actually like that they did this as opposed to trying to rush the entire game into 13 episodes (as other adaptations have sometimes done). If anything, I suppose a short OVA series that covers D.C. II D.M. may be a bit more lucrative (as Otome was arguably a more popular/enduring character).

All in all, whether there's more anime or not, I'd still recommend checking out the game when it's released. (And if you haven't played the games for one and two, they're worth getting too.) Even in the best of cases, the anime can only cover so much.
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