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Old 2017-04-17, 10:05   Link #1
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Yuusha no Segare/The Hero's Son

Original Title : 勇者のセガレ
Author : Wagahara Satoshi (Hataraku Maou-sama)
Illustrator : 029 (Hataraku Maou-sama)
Status : 1 volume - 10/1/17


Spoiler for Synopsis:

The novel's largely a slice of life, with some action in between.
The main focus for now is on Yasuo trying to reconcile how his father's potential departure for Ante Lande could uproot his family's stability and normalcy.
There's comedy, from Yasuo's reactions to the various interactions between the family and Diana.
There is danger involved, the phantoms have tried to attack the home, and the situation in the fantasy world is growing chaotic.

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Wagahara Satoshi loves to play with inverted isekai stories, don't he?
Hataraku is quite good, so I will check this out too.
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Old 2017-04-17, 18:59   Link #3
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I was quite hyped about this and it's not bad. Unfortunately it's not good either.

Premise is great, character relatable and plot intriguing. Yet it somehow fall flat. While it heritated lot from HataMaou, whether it's various plot elements, general themes or plot structure it's often too serious and realistic. High lights are carefree banters in which is Wagahara keeper but they are few and far between.

But what is worst part is relationship between Yasuo and Diana. In beginning Yasuo see Diana as threat to peace of his family and act hostile, but it took just two days and one freaking tea to I switch into lovestruck teenager mode , without any development in between. It waste for otherwise two good characters and killed lot of potential their dynamic could bring into story IMHO.

Well despite all this complaining, I still have expectation for YnS and will keep eye on it, if nothing else at least for possible crossover SS.
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Old 2017-05-15, 23:40   Link #4
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Sorry for double post, but hey! Little bump can't hurt.

For someone almost worshiped as "Rainbow sage" I really didn't expect mother be genuine magical (over forty years old) girl. I guess that rainbow part should cue me...

Anyway best way to beat Shii is guess what? Right singing. I guess now after magical housewife we will get Magical Lyrical Idol Yasuo.

Should be fun.
"I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it" (Charles R. Swindoll)
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Old 2017-05-16, 02:23   Link #5
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Lol the mother is OP...
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Disappointed with this one. It has a good starting premise, but it relies on too many safe and frankly dumb ideas. Its comedic elements are boiler-plate at best and tiring at worst, and the more serious elements don't feel serious at all.
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