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Old 2013-04-20, 20:24   Link #341
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Azusa gave me the yandere vibes with her face O.O;
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Old 2013-04-20, 20:40   Link #342
Idol Power!
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I really wanted to slap those girls picking on Azusa so bad...
Mirai from Kyoukai no Kanata

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Old 2013-04-20, 20:55   Link #343
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Originally Posted by MogMoogle1 View Post
I really wanted to slap those girls picking on Azusa so bad...
Tell me about it...
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Old 2013-04-20, 21:36   Link #344
Osana-Najimi Shipper
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Now that I've been hearing more of the OP, for some reason it sounds like the OreShura OP for me. I mean, even going beyond Yukari singing both OPs, the beats in some parts sound awfully close to each other.

The ED though... Tsukiko's awesomely HHHNNNGGGG dance routine is so incredibly well animated. Such a shame most of it are still shots; hopefully they have a special in the DVDs with the full dance.

As for the episode itself, Ogura's imouto > everyone else's imouto characters (barring maybe HanaKana's Mikan <3). Her deadpan voice combined with Tsukiko's poker face is hilarious when contrasted with her obviously jealous fits against the MC. Sorry Azusa, but it seems kuudere beats tsundere this time around.

Which reminds me, why is she acting so jealous? She only recently met MC at the tree, and he didn't exactly give a good first impression there. I'm insanely curious as to why she's jealous; hopefully they get into it sometime in the future.

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Old 2013-04-20, 21:38   Link #345
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Meh here we go with the maid/cosplay cafe cliche
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Old 2013-04-20, 22:35   Link #346
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Age: 27

yoto going idea plan being azuka's dog til tsukiko think bad idea go maid-animal cafe see azuka work there so after leave & watch then mean guy scared tsukiko.

so yoto grab tsukiko to safety then azuka working on construction site so new plan yoto date azuka & some oops tsukiko to rescue to arcade fun time.

give tsukiko own'd all games & azuka not good til give her a turtle all fine then azuka clean her face then uh-oh steel queen alert & also happen to be tsukiko's sister.

so run away for yoto & tsukiko while azuka oh no yea "trouble" appear cause moment yoto & tsukiko came back azuka been hurt talking by dark skin girls.

& azuka feel i was used/puppet part of messed-up doing of yoto & tsukiko indeed drama just kick in big time.
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Old 2013-04-20, 22:38   Link #347
sleeping shana :3
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oh, man. if this keeps goinf as it is, I'm gointo to die soon by heart failure. I have to say I liked tsutsukakushi's outfits, it's french-like style. She's too cute and I was kinda surprised by the performance of azusu's voice actress at the end.

Right now I'm expecting 10hour videos on youtube about tsutsukakushi or Azuki.

Mou dare ni mo tayoranai
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Old 2013-04-20, 22:53   Link #348
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Oh poor Azusa. How I weep for her.
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Old 2013-04-20, 23:47   Link #349
Azuma Denton
Join Date: Oct 2006
When i see the first two minutes of eps 2, somehow i portrayed Youto and Azusa as Alibaba and Aladdin...
Oh man, i must have seen to much Aladdin x Alibaba pics...
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Old 2013-04-21, 00:20   Link #350
Marcus H.
Impervious to Blessings
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In this episode, we get to see the rest of Azusa Azuki's facets of character... as a hardworking part-timer, as a lady somewhat obsessed in a life of luxury, and a girl with a heartbreaking past. Seeing her being reminded of her past really was heart-wrenching, especially after being served a platter of sweets from Azusa and Tsukiko. Now that we know the real situation is with Azusa, what will Youto do to win back her friendship?

Tsukiko's sweetness is slightly overshadowed by the drama behind Azusa's past, but the ED more than makes up for that.
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Old 2013-04-21, 00:36   Link #351
Spinning round and round~
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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
Spoiler for Episode 2:
Spoiler for regarding Azusa's nickname:

Well, a very good follow-up to the first episode, even if things went by a little quickly. Still delivered a good comedy punch and Tsukiko's deadpan expressions just made the comedy level go up another notch or two (because dead serious faces + sarcastic remarks = win).

Azusa seemed to take the idea of someone getting close to her for ulterior motives very badly, and it appears to have some tie-in with those two acquaintances of hers. Things took a serious turn near the end. Also, I enjoyed the animal comparison between Tsukiko and Azusa. Apparently they're like a cat and a dog fighting, or so it seemed to Yokodera.

Loved the ED with Tsukiko in it and overall the show as a whole. One of the shows I'm looking forward to every week.
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Old 2013-04-21, 03:44   Link #352
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OK, quite a lot of things happened in this episode.

Tsukiko is an orphan, and Steel King is her older sister, and they doesn't really look like they get along well. Ep 1 explained Tsukiko was originally a person who's very emotional and shows them a lot, even when she doesn't want to. I'm guessing this played a huge role in the rifting relationship of the two sisters, probably also had something to do with the fact that they're orphaned. Btw, I still can't connect Tsukushi's voice as Tamura Yukari

As for Azusa, I felt something was strange this ep so I went and rewatched the first ep. I missed the detail that Azusa's 'forced facade' will only activate when in front of people she doesn't already know. I have a mixed feeling about this. On one hand, it's good to know that the Azusa when she's alone with Yokodera (and now Tsukiko) is more or less the 'real' her. Otoh, she already knew all the not-so-nice-people that made her wanted to have this 'facade' in the first place, so it immediately crumbled and was of no help to her situation at all.

HOWEVER! If I remember right those girls were also featured in the OP sequence, so my meta-reasoning is that it's actually just a case of teenager blues. I'm not downplaying the issue and the effects it had on Azusa, but I expect that this problem will be solved rather soon and rather easily (narrative wise). Which then reinforces her position as 'not-the-main-heroine' :V , and the show will focus more on Tsukiko (and perhaps Tsukushi).

Btw, I already knew this for quite some time, but seriously, Ishihara Kaori very often sounds a lot like Mizuhashi Kaori!
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Old 2013-04-21, 08:34   Link #353
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I really enjoyed ep2. Up until I saw it, I liked Azusa and Tsukiko pretty much even, but after watching this Azusa definitely takes the lead. What can I say, I like female characters with deep scars and troubles. I think maybe this's because it makes their smile all the more precious; just like how a dark story can make the light at the end even brighter, the look of someone who's been freed from the pain and finally sees the joy in the world is somehow special. Also, that look says this's a girl who really needs it. My biggest problem at the moment is that I'm going to have to wait a whole week to see what happens next.
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Old 2013-04-21, 10:29   Link #354
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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The second episode was a nice follow-up to the first one. I didn't expect the plot to take a serious turn so quickly. Azusa had deep reasons for needing a facade. She came up with that whole oujo-sama act to avoid getting bullied apparently. MC and Tsukiko came very close to breaking her facade and enter her heart, but alas, "stuff happened". Tsukiko also seems to have issues which will surely be explored further later.

I usually have a very easy time picking out a favorite in anime, but I can't seem to decide between Tsukiko and Azusa. Both are adorable and have their own appeal. Kuudere vs tsundere... the battle starts again...
Rize and Kaneki
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Old 2013-04-21, 10:50   Link #355
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Originally Posted by novalysis View Post
This is another wonderful episode, building well on the momentum of the first episode. It does feel as if the end of the Second Episode was the end of the first volume of the LN - I've never read it, but it feels like it.
I've also yet to read the novel, and I disagree. It doesn't feel like the end of volume 1. The end of volume 1 would have some kind of resolution or closure that indicates the end of an arc. End of episode 2 does not give that kind of feeling at all.

Just to shed some light on the basis of my assertion:
For light novels, when volume 1 gets published, it's either a one-shot test which means serialization is yet to be confirmed, or a confirmed serialization.
In the first case, it's obvious why there must be some form of closure.
In the second case, volume 1 acts as an introductory volume to the series and must sell the reader on the series within a one volume constraint. Thus, usually, while end of volume 1 might create some hooks for future development, there will be some kind of resolution/closure and things will not be left hanging like what we see in episode 2.
There are of course exceptions to this practice when the publisher is confident the readers will continue reading v2 and beyond due to some special reasons, but this sort of LN is rare.
For a romcom like Henneko, it probably belongs to the majority. And from what's shown currently, my guess (and probably anyone's guess) would be that the closure will probably be related to Azusa overcoming her need for a 'facade' and opening up to the MC and Tsukiko. Though whether or not Youto gets back his 'facade' at 'the end of v1' remains to be seen.
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Old 2013-04-21, 11:05   Link #356
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Spoiler for Comparison to the novel:

Last edited by relentlessflame; 2013-04-22 at 02:56.
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Old 2013-04-21, 11:27   Link #357
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God damn, so moe. Can't resist this series.

At first, I thought, that Azuki would be one of those rich and high level people but seeing her at the part-time-jobs, it changed right away. Why? Because.

It has been a while, I have seen such a cute OP. Can't get this earworm out of my head.
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Old 2013-04-21, 11:44   Link #358
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The pacing for this episode is pretty solid to me. To me, it's like comparing the issue of 'how long will it take for the girl's issue' to be resolved.


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Old 2013-04-21, 12:27   Link #359
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moe overload gifs
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What happened to Teh_Ping!?
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ecchi, harem, romantic comedy, seinen, supernatural, tsundere

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