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Old 2012-08-20, 02:08   Link #21
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Location: Pittsburgh
I watch often with my best friend. In particular we love watching magical girl shows together.
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Old 2012-08-20, 02:55   Link #22
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Originally Posted by Obelisk ze Tormentor View Post
As for me, it depends on the show and depends on the person watching next to you.

For example, there’s no way I’ll invite just anyone to watch ecchi-heavy anime, except for few of my experienced anime-fan friends who’s open enough to watch that kinda show. I’ve done that and it’s so much fun!

And if the show is “safe” enough and has a good enough story (Ghibli’s movies are prime examples), I really want to share it with everyone.
you said everything perfectly.

and like it was mentioned, the ones that are funny as best to watch with others. laughing with someone is better than laughing by yourself
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Old 2012-08-20, 05:33   Link #23
Game maker
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The answer can varies depend on what anime genre I'm watching at the time.

I mostly watch alone though as most of what I watch would feel awkward with another person by my side. Comedy is of course, always better with someone else. The more the merrier.
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Old 2012-08-20, 07:59   Link #24
Join Date: Jul 2012
Location: Iowa
I mostly watch anime alone, even if it is a comedy or whatnot that others want to watch with others. My reason being that I often make offhand comments, a lot. And with others there, I try to be respectful and not say a damn thing until the end, which annoys me a lot.
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Old 2012-08-23, 16:17   Link #25
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I always like watching anime alone. I hate it when people pester me with stupid questions about it.
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Old 2012-08-24, 07:16   Link #26
Paranoid Android
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I like to watch anime alone except for comedy. It's always nice to share a laugh.

My emotional side gets shut down whenever there's someone else in the room and that prevents me from getting into the story
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Old 2012-08-24, 07:24   Link #27
Hail the power of Fujoshi
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I watch depressing animes alone, and comedy with friends. It's always nice to hear other laughters apart from your own.

I once watched Grave of the Fireflies with my friend, and the entire period, especially towards the end, I was struggling too damn hard not to cry because I am not used to showing my emotions publicly. My body was shaking because my eyes were brimming with tears and I was using every fibre of my being to keep my tears at bay.
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Old 2012-08-24, 07:36   Link #28
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Location: Kitch-Water and T.O., Canada
Age: 26
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Lol, I watched 5cm per second a few years ago with my exgf and she started tearing and I was like =/

emotion.exe not found

I had to re-watch it alone later and I started throwing depressive fits xD
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Old 2012-08-24, 12:08   Link #29
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Definitely alone. It always feels awkward watching anime even with someone that likes anime too. And there's always different responses to different scenes which makes it more awkward. Like you know, you laugh hard and the person you're watching it with doesn't.
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Old 2012-08-24, 14:29   Link #30
Join Date: May 2012
I feel the same way Scanner. I tried watching with others but they don't react the same way i do, so in sense, it feels extremely awkward. I am sticking with watching animes alone also so that no one sees me crying when watching an anime. *looks around*
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Old 2012-08-26, 08:31   Link #31
The Dark Slayer
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Well, that depends on the person. I always watched with my brother if the anime is a shonen or mecha such as one piece, naruto, Gurenn lagann, Gundam 00 and other shits like that. But if i would watch an anime such as Kara no kyokai, Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay night and animes with themes of ecchi, harem, drama or romance, i would prefer alone. No discussion.
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Old 2012-08-28, 11:39   Link #32
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I enjoy watching anime with friends at least as much as watching anime alone.

I remember when I watched my first anime with my friend (Samurai X - Trust and Betrayal OVA) and it was amazing experience. When we found something worth discussing we talked about it with each but when the story got intense we were both watching it in comfortable silence. We did not try to hide our emotions from each other and my friend ended up crying. After the episode was finished we discussed the key elements of the episode and I personally discovered always something new from those conversations. It was all way around a pleasant experience for me.

But as I dont get as much free time with my friends as I would like to - I am forced to watch anime usually alone which is also an enjoyable experience for me. So it depends a lot in which situation I am do I watch alone or with friend.

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Old 2012-08-28, 16:13   Link #33
Sky Knight
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I guess it really depends. I usually watch the ACTION ACTION ACTION and comdey anime with other people. While I watch romance and dramas by myself.... I don't want people to see me cry at the heartbreaking moments

Besides I really don't have much people who like to sit and watch anime with me...
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Old 2012-08-28, 18:16   Link #34
Infinite Zenith
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Typically, I watch anime alone, although I am joined by friends on some occasions. The anime I enjoy most are the ones I am most comfortable recommending and sharing to friends
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Old 2012-09-10, 01:34   Link #35
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I usually watch alone but I do enjoy watching with other people, too.

I think I prefer to watch it alone first, then rewatch it with someone else. That way I don't have to get easily distracted by their commentary - instead their commentary enhances my original experience.

Plus, I also like to watch alone so if I'm having trouble concentrating I can just jump back to the part I blanked out on or I can rewatch a part of an episode I enjoyed. Or if I have to get up and do something, that other person doesn't have to wait around for me to finish. I imagine that would drive my fellow viewer nuts.

So, overall, I'd like to watch it by myself first, but if you want to watch it with me when I'm done, by all means!
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Old 2012-09-10, 03:57   Link #36
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That actually depends on what show I'm watching XDD
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Old 2012-09-11, 04:42   Link #37
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... I'm always alone when it comes to watching anime on DVD... just a few smokes and something to watch/enjoy, presto.

PS: I do not condemn or condone the use of tobacco products to all AS forumers (especially kids and non-smokers.)
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Old 2012-09-13, 10:06   Link #38
( ಠ_ಠ)
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>watching anime with another conscious entity

Ew. Gross.

Castiel: This is very complex
Dean: uh-huh
Castiel: If this blond twintail girl truely loves this guy... why does she keep slapping him in the face?
Dean: (゚Д゚)
Castiel: Perhaps he's done something wrong..
Dean: You're watching Anime? ...Why?
Castiel: It was there.
Dean: You don't watch Anime with a room full of dudes. And you don't... talk about it! Just turn it off!
Castiel: .....
Dean: Oh great, now he's got a boner.

Samuel walks in

Samuel: This is what you boys do, sit around watching Anime with angels?
Castiel: You're not supposed to talk about it.

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Old 2012-09-14, 01:57   Link #39
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alone with a little whiskey or rum to top it off.
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Old 2012-09-14, 06:05   Link #40
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Location: InterWebs
I've had experience of watching anime with someone else, en masse even. Generally comedy. Most of us will then attempt do tsukkomis on the show, meta or otherwise (you generally don't do this alone, do you?). Also, servicey anime, like haganai, and we'll squeal and scream moe or something and all like the excited-gaijin.jpg. It was quite fun really. We also did watch some of the more serious anime, but since we're all otakus, we were also quite quiet and concentrated on the show instead of flying comments after each scene.

Though if asked which do I prefer, I generally prefer to watch alone.
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