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Old 2012-08-16, 20:05   Link #1
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Anime with strong female lead.

Hello everybody . Thanks for coming. I'll get to the point, I want an anime with a strong female lead. I don't necessarily mean tough or extremely powerful. I mean strong personality not a character who whines and complains or relies on somebody else to wipe her butt

Also I would prefer if she was lesbian (I know there might not be many)

I'm looking for an anime with magic or at least some supernatural aspect.
BUT I'm not opposed to an anime like Rumbling hearts or Nana (In fact Nana Osaki is the type of personality I am looking for, or Holo from Spice and wolf)

Thank you for any suggestions you might have .
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Old 2012-08-16, 20:41   Link #2
Azuma Denton
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Strong female lead??
Skip Beat
Shakugan no Shana
Nanoha series -> this has a very strong yuri aura
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
Kaichou wa Maid sama

There is plenty of strong female lead anime...
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Old 2012-08-16, 21:08   Link #3
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Sorry forgot to mention I don't like anime that isn't in english. That means no subs either... sorry I know some good anime that isn't dubbed but I can't stand watching, reading and trying to pay attention at the same time
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Old 2012-08-16, 21:39   Link #4
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Seirei no Moribito
Gits(Ghost in The Shell) SAC Series&Movies
Black Lagoon
Saiunkoku Monogatari
Kara no Kyoukai
Mouretsu Pirates
Rinne no Lagrange
Junni Kokki (12 Kingdom)
.....and many more, though I don't know if all of those titles has been licensed/dubbed into english, but I think some of them are.
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Old 2012-08-16, 22:18   Link #5
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12 kingdoms is the ultimate answer to this. At first you won't believe me because the main character whines a lot in the early episodes, but it's all part of her character development. And in the end we get a wonderful & strong female character.

In second place I would say Story of Saiunkoku, unfortunately I think it is hard to find these days.

Kino no Tabi has a great female lead as well. She doesn't let her gender define her but her role as a traveler.
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Old 2012-08-16, 22:27   Link #6
Me at work
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Not out yet but be on the lookout for Rinne no lagrange it's going to get dubbed soon and it has the kind of heroine you're looking for , supernatural aspects + lesbian undertones.
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Old 2012-08-16, 22:30   Link #7
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Let's see...

Princess Tutu - Might be something you'd enjoy. Had a nice dub to boot. Very fairytale like and is about the doomed main character rising above the fate the author has in store.

Madoka Magica - The main character spends a lot of the series crying, but it all builds up to a wonderful moment. Plus, the other four girls help to carry it while she is crying.

Revolutionary Girl Utena - You will probably love this. A girl who became a prince because she was so inspired by a prince that saved her. Now she is forced into a series of duels for the hand of the Rose Bride. Of the three this is the closest to having a lesbian lead (basically it is debatable over whether it is friendship or romantic love). The movie makes it romantic love, and there is another girl that is clearly a lesbian.

Mouretsu Pirates - I am a few episodes from the end, but I am definitely seconding this. Romance doesn't really into the equation in this series, in fact I don't even think I remember Marika's sexuality even coming up. She is a strong female character that is also learning at the same time. There is another pair of girls that are a lesbian couple and they aren't played for fanservice. This doesn't have a dub yet, but it is liscensed, so only a matter of time.
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Old 2012-08-17, 00:00   Link #8
Enjoying Snack Time!
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Why don't you give Claymore and Blood+ a shot if you haven't seen them.. They both have English dubs so no worries there.
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Old 2012-08-17, 04:45   Link #9
The Lost Lamb
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seconding Blood+
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Old 2012-08-17, 05:05   Link #10
~`Seito Kaichō`~
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Oda Nobuna no Yabou
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Old 2012-08-17, 07:35   Link #11
AS Oji-kun
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Yuuko's progress from a whiny high-schooler to a powerful young woman in Twelve Kingdoms is probably the most impressive character development I've ever seen in anime. I'll not say more to avoid spoiling.

Balsa in Seirei no Moribito is a strong character from the outset. She is a spear-wielding bodyguard who must protect a young prince facing assassination attempts. Balsa's physical prowess is matched with a strong mind and character. It would be a shame to watch this in English because you'll miss a great voice-acting performance by stage actress Andou Mabuki. At $20, this is the best bargain available in anime today, but you can watch with subtitles for free at Crunchyroll.

The heroine of Saiunkoku Monogatari, Shurrei, is a young woman who wants to become the first female official in her Asian nation (modelled on T'ang China). Her strengths are her character and intelligence. This is a hard show to find on DVD now because it is out-of-print, but well worth tracking down. Again, if you choose to listen to the English track, you'll miss out on one of my favorite voice-acting performances of all time by seiyuu Kuwashima Houko.

Kuwashima also plays Clare, the heroine of Claymore. Since she's my favorite Japanese voice actress I've never listened to the English track so I can't comment on that. Claymore is burdened with an unsatisfying ending, a result of it being shown as anime while the manga source was still being written. Hulu has both the subtitled and dubbed versions.

There's some lesbianism, and a lot of nudity and gore, in Mnemosyne. It's nowhere near as good as the shows I listed above, but it does meet one of your criteria. As for the other women, Shurrei is obviously heterosexual. Balsa's sexual preference is never mentioned though she has a male admirer. Yuuko is probably also heterosexual, but again sexuality doesn't really matter. Clare is also heterosexual, but there are certainaly some lesbian couples among her fellow Claymores.

I'll also suggest Monster. Though the main character is the male neurosurgeon Tenma Kenji, the main supporting character is an intelligent and brave young woman named Nina Fortner. Monster is set in Eastern Europe just after the fall of the Berlin Wall and has no real supernatural features except perhaps for the villain's strong mental powers. Again Hulu offers both subtitled and dubbed streams.

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Old 2012-08-18, 11:56   Link #12
Cross Game - I need more
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Strong female lead that is dubbed... hmmm, there are quite a few:

Lafiel from Crest of the Stars is the first strong female lead that leaps to mind. Here is her introduction scene in the first episode. It's a sci-fi space opera (but not mecha). Very high quality story I think. I know there is a dub, but I've never seen it, so I can't speak to the quality of the dub.

Another that comes to mind would be Marika from Bodacious Space Pirates. I don't think the dub is out yet, but one is planned.

Soul Eater has some strong female leads. Has a dub, though I've only seen the subs before.

And how can I forget Rosette from Chrono Crusade. The "Nun with a gun." She was a fun character. Dub is decent, uses actual authentic 1920's American slang (since that is the setting).

The title character from The Melancholoy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Haruhi intends to storm life and wrestle it to the ground.

Full Metal Panic would be a good choice. Chidori definitely has a personality, and especially comes into her own during The Second Raid. Has a good dub too. Has some mecha, but that's not really the focus of the show.

Homura from Madoka Magica certainly fits. Fantasy and strong female characters. Decent Dub too.

Yomiko Readman from Read or Die (OVA) is a strong character. Think mousy librarian crossed with James Bond, set in a world full of X-Men.

Mikoto from A Certain Scientific Railgun (the female lead) and A Certain Magical Index (major supporting character with some arcs devoted to her- she actually appears in the first 3 minutes of the first episode, and I think that is the best introduction to her). I think there is a dub, but I haven't seen it.

Yuno from Miria Nikki is an interesting female lead. She's the main reason to watch the show too. Funimation licensed it, so a dub should be forth coming. Supernatural Horror.

I'm sure you've already seen or heard of Evangelion and Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2 too.

Too bad Kannagi doesn't have a dub, supernatural romantic comedy seems to be what you're looking for.

You might like Shana from Shakugan No Shana. I'd be very surprised if it doesn't have a dub.

Maybe Witch Hunter Robin, I've only seen a few episodes though.

Stepping back from fantasy to realism, Kyoko from Maison Ikkoku is a strong female lead in a romantic comedy. There is a dub, though I've never seen it.

Cross Game has great strong female characters. Too bad it doesn't have a dub.

Madoka from Kimagure Orange Road seems to be a strong female lead from the few episodes I saw. I'd be surprised if there isn't a dub as it's one of the "classics."

Cross Game - A Story of Love, Life, Death - and Baseball. What more could you want?
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Old 2012-08-18, 17:42   Link #13
Hiding Under Your Bed
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I'm not sure how strong Lafiel really is. It's a fine line between being strong, and appearing strong because it's expected of you. But, that's probably a discussion for another thread.

It's actually pretty hard to think of a strong female lead who doesn't succumb to serving as affirmation of the male lead's greatness at some point in the plot (or simply breaking the fourth wall and serving as a male viewer's fetish). The few that I can think of have mostly been mentioned (Seirei no Moribito, 12 Kingdoms...ok, that's about it really ).

There are a few more that have gone unmentioned, but I'll go ahead and add one:

Kemono no Souja Erin

Not surprisingly, it's a story written by the same author as Moribito. While it's labeled as a children's anime, it's actually one of those rare shows that transcends age groups.

Erin, the titular lead, is a strong female lead. You'll meet her when she's 10 years old, and follow her into adulthood over the series' 50 episodes, through which you'll see a story interwoven with politics, betrayals, murders, war, both happiness and sadness, and even some magic of a sorts. The anime is essentially broken into three phases of Erin's life, from childhood to scholar to national hero.

While the Twelve Kingdoms is (rightly) hailed for being a classic, I've always thought Kemono no Souja Erin has been greatly overlooked and belongs in the same conversations when it comes to characters and world building.

That said, I have no idea if there's a dub for it.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
Also, cake.
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Old 2012-08-18, 18:06   Link #14
Cross Game - I need more
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: I've moved around the American West. I've lived in Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Oklahoma
Age: 38

Lafiel doesn't count as strong because as nobility she was raised to act strong? That's weird reasoning there. Nor is Lafiel some perfect princess either, she makes her own decisions, even when this sometimes opposes her upbringing or her father.

Cross Game - A Story of Love, Life, Death - and Baseball. What more could you want?
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Old 2012-08-19, 00:05   Link #15
AS Oji-kun
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No, there's no dub for Kemono no Sou-ja Erin. I suspect she's also a younger heroine than the OP is seeking. Otherwise, yes, she is a very strong female lead.

i didn't include Shion of Shion no Ou or Chizuku from Nijuu Mensou no Musume for the same reasons, nor did I list Haruka from Noein even though that show has a (horrible) dub. Not only is Haruka a middle-schooler, but her being the nexus of the conflict in that show is not really something of her making. Nevertheless she holds up mightily given the challenges she faces and bravely moves forward.
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Old 2012-08-19, 11:51   Link #16
Kleo Scanti
Urd Fangirl
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Claymore and Utena are two shows I'd strongly recommend. There are more, but I don't watch dubs, so have no idea if they were dubbed.
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Old 2012-08-20, 22:05   Link #17
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Starship Operators has an interesting female lead (a space cadet with a good head for tactics) and an English dub, though I have some issues with said English dub for various reasons, among them changing the reason why the main character wasn't interested in dating at the start of the series (in Japanese it was essentially because it didn't make sense for her to start dating right then given her long term plans, the English dub changed that to her being shy). One thing to be aware of is that the show's premise may make it sound like a comedy, but it's actually a pretty serious and relatively slow paced show.

Mai-HiME is one of my all time favorite shows and has a female lead I really admire. One of the nice things about the show is that the female lead has such a wide variety of different relationships with so many other characters. All those different relationships really help flesh her out a lot in comparison to many other anime girls. On the other hand her main love interest is kind of bland compared to her (though I also think he's underrated) and she does have some angst (though I feel this is justified given the kind of issues she faces).

Neither Starship Operator's nor Mai-HiME's lead character is a lesbian although HiME is very popular among yuri fans due to a couple of the other characters in its rather large cast. (Personally my opinion on the relationship between those two characters is mixed since their storyline is pretty powerful but I actually don't feel the portrayal of one of them is particularly flattering due to her questionable actions.)

(Also, the recommendation for Mai-HiME applies strictly to the anime. The manga was developed in parallel and is a completely different kettle of fish. They don't even have the same main character.)

If you can deal with the fact that the lead girl has more spirit than brains, definitely check out Rinne no Lagrange when it gets dubbed. The first few episodes aren't the greatest thing ever but it gets very good very fast shortly thereafter.

If you're looking for an action fix I'd recommend Canaan, despite the series' writing kind of falling apart towards the end (either that, or the story is too Eastern for me to "get it").

There's another series I would like to recommend based on the strength of its female lead, but it hasn't been licensed for release in North America nor does it appear to be likely to be licensed for release over here in the near future.
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