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Grave of the Fireflies, it can be extremely sad, extremely boring, or extremely offensive depends on what kind of person you are. Beyond the emotional impact, it makes for a good study of animation at its core, which is an indirect reflection of Japanese culture and ideas. Tokyo Godfathers is the exact opposite, because some have said that it may be the most "neutral" work of animation from Japan, yet some still find those inescapable touches of Japan in it. It would be nice to compare and contrast those two anime for sure. Of course, that is if you are also studying about the story behind the animation itself, and not just the artistic nature of it. Although Tokyo Godfathers will give you a feast for the eyes for sure.

Figure 17 and Flanders no Inu (1997) are anime that have very spoilerific wiki entries so don't try to look them up.

-For Figure 17, the best I can say is that it has all of the "dealing with the death of a comrade or a lover/loved one, killing people, failing to protect someone" that you are talking about. It's a...slice of life (?) anime for half of it and a weird action/sci-fi anime for the other half, although the two halves sort of mix well...sort of. The main protagonist is a 10 year old girl, who of course is tasked with saving the world. That's all you should know about the plot, if you even want to watch it. An interesting touch is that it has 47-min episodes, 13 of them, so it's sort of like watching 26 episodes.

(For seiyuu fans, note that for a 2001 anime it featured many recognizable seiyuu such as Orikasa Fumiko, Horie Yui, and Kugimiya Rie early on in their career! I found it very enjoyable hearing them during this time period.)

-For Flanders no Inu, look for the animated movie in 1997. It is an adaptation of a famous classical work (which means lots of spoilers floating out there if you look too hard). It's about a boy and a dog. That's it. It has some of the themes you're looking for, and it's old. I don't want to say anything else because I will spoil it for you lol.

EDIT: I looked for some Flanders no Inu info on the web, and apparently they even spoil the ending in the title...

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Old 2012-09-18, 04:26   Link #22
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Thank you kholdstare
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I think you should definitely see darker than black , if you haven't see it yet, its a bit like black cat but better

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Old 2012-09-27, 23:34   Link #24
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I've seen darker than black, it was good.
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Old 2012-09-27, 23:40   Link #25
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I am looking for good anime I will watch just abou any type check my profile to see what I have seen an what's on my list then message me animes.
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