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Originally Posted by Mists View Post
The X Factor Madara doesn't know about from Obito is Sasuke. In fact Sas is an X factor for Obito also and we don't know Obito's true motivation for helping Sas the way he did.........
It wouldn't surprise me if he had intended to give Sasuke the Rinnegan (since he wanted to sync him up to the Geddou Maze or whatever it's called) and then have him resurrect Madara. It's likely outright resurrecting someone costs you your life (otherwise why wouldn't Nagato have risen Yahiko?), and it's better to have someone else do that than you.
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yahiko was dead he was just a puppet like the others
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Wasn't it mentioned that Amaterasu, Tsukiomi and Susanno were the basic Mangeyeko Sharingan techniques? Then there were also unique ones like Kamui and Shisui's. People say Shisui was never seen using the other techiniques but he never killed his best friend, Itachi instead killed him (assisted suicide :P). And also Itachi did fire something out of his Susanno (When Bee, Naruto, Itachi were all targeting Nagato's Chibaku Tensei) "Yasaka No Magatama" third treasure inherited from the gods for Susanno. My thoughts anyways, now back to the Chapter!

Could be Madara in the "Between this and the other World" area still curious as to how he would have eyes? guess it will play out. Can atleast now understand that when you come back as a zombie you still have your eyes, seen by Itachi and Madara. 602 will probably just be Obito with the old geezer (Hunter, Lol) chatting it up in what ill call Limbo. Still interesting though, never been let down once by Kishi with Naruto except when the Anime has filler episodes but whatever.
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Chapter 602 discussion thread has been created. Please move all relevant discussion to the new thread.
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