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Idea for anime movie . tell me what you think

Pg 1-3 Toy Soldier
Theme Song Toy Soldiers by Martika

Greetings ladies and gentlemen of the anime art world. My name is Alphonse, and I'd like to put forth to you an idea for an anime movie of an epic adventure.
This will be the story of Ahshitaka Tachibana, who is twelve. His father Tomoyo Tachibana, who is forty and mother san Tachibana who is thirty five.
Tomoyo, a contractor for the self-defense force. Has been sent to Afghanistan, to help build the compound for the Japanese self defense force. Due to San's illness he is forced to take this job. Along with this, he must take his son to the exotic and dangerous country of Afghanistan.
San Tachibana, suffering a heart condition. She needs expensive surgery and is unable to care for their son Ahshitaka. Due to trouble in the extended family no one else could care for the boy, leaving his father with no choice but to take him.
Tamayo’s trouble with the extended family started at child birth with the death of his mother. The family believed he could be cursed. Later on this will be confirmed in the minds of his relatives due to the unfortunate death of his cousin.
The tow boy's spent endless summers together at Tamayo’s house. Growing up in Japan's country side playing in an old abandoned building, close to home. Inside one of the structures was an old freezer. They liked to sit on it and dare one another to climb inside. But not without the promise to let one another out in time.
The cousin was caught one day coming home late and was told never to go there again. Tamayo’s cousin and best friend was upset about abandoning their club house and ran away that night. Tomoyo not wanting to get in trouble stays but his cousin told him, if you don’t come I will climb in that chest and I will die!
Tomoyo gathers his nerve and tries to sneak out. But he's caught, and not wanting to get his cousin in more trouble he says nothing and returns to bed. Waking up in the morning, he realizes he had fallen asleep. In a panic the boy rushes out to their club house. Arriving, he hastily makes his way to the freezer, with his friend nowhere in sight. He opens it to find his cousins lifeless body. To him a promise broken, to others the cursed confirmed. The relatives want nothing more to do with Tomoyo or his son Ashitaka.
In Afghanistan construction of the compound is underway. The boy is staying with his father at a make shift bunker. They make weekly trips into town under guard, to pick up food and to go sightseeing. Unfortunately On one of their trips into town, their small convoy is hit by an I.E.D. destroying the lead truck. Their vehicle is forced to stop, and is surrounded by Afghan rebels. They’re taken from the vehicle. However, having seen the smoke from the compound.
The Japanese force rushes to their aid. The bandits are driven off, but not without taking Ahshitaka.
He is driven deep into the mountains to a village of rock and mud huts. There he will later meet a young Afghan girl named Sasha who is around the same age.

Pg 2-3

Sasha had been taken from her family, due to her father owing money to the bandits. He borrowed money to grow an illegal crop for the criminal organization but it was discovered and destroyed by the government Forces. The little girl explains to the boy why he has been taken and who the men are. Turns out they are kidnappers who hold people for ransom. The boy spends more than a month at the camp, but before the kidnappers can contact anyone for the ransom, the camp is discovered. Government forces raid the village and kill or capture most of ruthless gang. Unknown to the would be rescuers, the boy is left undiscovered. Completely buried by rock and sand, due to an explosion. The next morning, Ahshitaka digs himself out to find everyone had gone. The camp has been totally destroyed.
He begins to look around for anything that might be useful and finds some old clothing, a jacket, a head rap and a commando style ak74. However to his surprise, he also finds the young girl, Sasha. She is digging a hole for what was her little pet goat that she befriended during her captivity. With only a small stick and a red bit of string that was used as its collar she marks its grave.
The little boy and girl decide to team up and find a way back to Sashas village, from there they can get Ahshitaka back to the base. The little girl knows the area and says they must take the mountain path because the other way is too dangerous, with the all the smugglers, bandits and would be kidnapers on the roads.
They gather up some food and water and head out on the big adventure.

Since the taking of his son, the compound has been in lock down. No civilian traffic is allowed. Tomoyo spends his days inside the makeshift office working on the plans for the compound which are almost finished. It has been almost a month and a half. His mind wonders back to his childhood, back to the old feelings again, the curse.
He will be forced to return to Japan soon without Ahshitaka. How could he face his beloved wife and tell her of this, in her weakened state the news would surly kill her. Panic over takes him. He has got to get out and find his boy, no matter what.
Tomoyo rushes to the door, kicks it open and runs towards the motor pool. However he is spotted and guards closes in on him. Unable to reach the cars, he turns for the front gate but before he can get there he is taken down. Five men force the now broken and sobbing Tomoyo back into the little room that was his office but now is his prison.
Ahshitakas and Sashas trek across the mountains are filled with danger and excitement.
Along the way they meet an older boy named Useff. This kid leads them to his home. He tells them it will be safe there, it’s just him and his father. The two decide to follow.
They arrive at the small hut and are shown inside; there they wait for the boy’s dad. They hear some noise from outside so Useff goes to check. The pair listens to the voices but can’t understand what is being said.

A tall dark man comes rushing through the door Sasha yells, he has a gun, the man seeing Ahshitakas gun opens fire on him. With eyes wide open, in shock at what’s going on, he doesn’t realize that he has aimed his weapon at the stranger. With bullets smashing the wall around his head, he
Pg 3-3

fires. Pop, pop, pop, the man falls silent, as if sleeping. Useff hearing the gun fire enters the room. He stands looking down at the man, it’s his father.
The boy cries out and runs to his side, seeing he is dead, becomes enraged at Ahshitaka. Useff pulls a dagger from his father’s belt and runs toward the boy. The gun Ahshitaka is holding has jammed, he knows he is dead. Pop, a single shot rings out. Useff falls at his feet. Sasha had taken a pistol off someone back at the camp and had it hide on her person. She had once more saved his life. Neither one fully understood what had just happened, in shock they gather their things in silence and once again set out across the minuteness pass.
After what seemed like an endless journey filled with extreme danger the pair finely reach Sashas village. Her family is overjoyed to see her and cannot believe the story she shared with them of how her and her new friend made their way through such a hazardless ordeal.
After a small celebration and some much needed rest the two wake with desire to complete their journey.
The girl’s father arranges a ride to take them to the small road on the outskirts of the base from there it’s a about a mile and a half to the front gate.
They arrive just about the time Ashitakas father is leaving out the front gate, being driven to the airport for his lone return without his son. The boy is let out and after a tearful goodbye starts down the little dirt road.
He doesn’t get very far when he is passed by the car going the other direction, his eyes strain to see through the dust covered windows hoping to see a familiar face but can’t and the car rolls on by.
Then all of the sudden the car stops, he turns and stairs toward the car, he can hear the people arguing in side, the door opens a man step out. Looking quite haggard and unshaven, Tomoyo stairs back at the little figure standing in the swirling sand.
This can’t be my son he thinks, the cures would not allow such a thing, so why am I standing here. The boy removes his heavy coat and slides the ak74 off his shoulder to the ground and then begins to unwrap the scarf from around his head and face to revile the dirty tear stand eyes of his little boy Ashitaka.
Overcome with emotions Tomoyo falls to his knees shaking in disbelief big tears being soaked up by the sand. A small pair of feet appears in front of him, looking up he sees his son though he can’t recall him looking that much older. He fells a hand on his shoulder and hears a soft voice say; let’s go home dad mom will be worried.

Like I said at the top this is a rough outline or idea for an anime. A lot of the story is missing; left open for you to fill in with lots better ideas for the bulk of the story.
I thought a good opening would be Ahshitaka playing in his sand box in the back yard with his toy soldiers. When he is told he will be going to one of the biggest sand boxes on the plant he decides to take his favorite soldier with him. However after the whole ordeal in Afghanistan he no longer has the desire for it and leaves it there in that fare away country. Thank you: Alphonse Boshi
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Mirlin Chronicles

Merlin Chronicles

The story opens with Calum Windthorpe entering into the room. He greets the President with
Sir it’s almost time, the Bombers are approaching there drops zones.
The President responds, very well.
Calum asks, sir are you all right?
The President says, I’m not sure, how I am supposed to feel at time like this.
Calum: I see
The president: I’ve dreaded this day ever scenes’ that dammed meeting. I’ve been over it a thousand times in my mind. I know it must be done. I only wish it wasn’t me that has to do it’
Calum: I wish I could say I understood what you’re going through.
President: Just my misfortune to be the leader at this time in history.
Calum: Yes most unfortunate Sir.
President: Calum you’ve been with me along time, have I ever told you the story of The Marlin Chronicles?
Calum: No Sir you’ve not, is that the one about King Arthur and the Knights and the Holy Grail.
President: Yes the Holy Grail
President: You know the story is true for the most part.
Calum: really
President: some Archeologist found the old scrolls in the tomb of a enchant King
And when they where desifard, they were found to be lost records of the Dark Age king Arthur himself.
Calum: Amazing Sir.
President: The story begins long after the Great Wars ended. In a time of peace but even with peace sometime comes great trouble. All the people had returned to their villages and towns and began prosper once again. However, because of this more and more people came to the kingdom so that they too could partake in the great success that this peace had created. In doing so the land soon became over burdened with too many people not enough food or proper shelter. They soon began to resent those who had and started to take from them. This started the riots and fires soon there was little to be had by anyone. People began to starve in the streets and chaos ruled. So the great king sent out his best Knights to find a solution to this problem.
Calum: The search for the Holy Grail.
President: Correct. Time past, things only got worse. Finley a single Knight returned. Sir Galahad bearing only small burlap sack. He presented it to the King who looked inside and saw only one small rat.
The King stirred at the Knight thinking to himself “this man has lost his mind.” The man stammered please let me explain. The Knight told him that he had traveled across the great ocean to the land of the Far East .There he met with the emperor himself and explained the whole situation.
The Emperor shook his head in understanding and had this bag brought to him, inside the bag was a single rat.
He explained that his land had suffered a similar fate and assured the Knight that this would work.
Giving the man proper instructions, he sent him on his way.
Now Arthur shook with horror upon hearing what the rat was to be used for
How could he unleash such misery upon his on people? But the old King thought, his people were already suffering greatly and he finely agreed that it had to be.
Calum: Then what please go on.
President: The rest is history, the Black Death, killed more than of a third of the country’s population.
After that the land recovered, the ones left began to prosper once again.
Calum: My god, your saying that the Holy Grail was nothing more than a rat carrying the plague.
President: …………….
President: And here we are again. Only now we use modern technologies.
President: When I awoke this morning, I looked long into the mirror. I couldn’t recognize the man stirring back at me. When I took this job I didn’t promise to kill millions of people. I promised peace, prosperity a future for their children .Not this
Calum: And there will be for those who survive.
Calum: please Sir its almost time ……………. Mr. President ………………. The bombers await your order.
President: You know they say the monster he turned out on his people, returned and killed him.
But I don’t believe that, how can anyone live with such a burden on soul.
President: hand me the phone, this is the president………………………………………….
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