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Old 2012-03-02, 15:33   Link #1
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Natsuiro Kiseki

Original creator (original anime) : Sunrise, Sphere
Original character-design : Hidari
Story and Art : Tatsuhiko

Plot summary : The story focuses on four girls who mysteriously received their respective miraculous things each other.

WARNING ! This thread contains manga-only spoilers !
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Old 2012-03-02, 19:16   Link #2
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So there is a full on manga? Cool. When did it start?
Morinaga Milk's Girl Friends Licensed by Seven Seas!
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Old 2012-03-02, 19:57   Link #3
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I think the January 20th edition of Young Gangan. I'll post a few pictures taken of it later.
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Old 2012-09-20, 20:16   Link #4
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So, Has anyone read it?

If so, how is the story? Is it the same or different than in the anime version?.

I'm considering to buy it.
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Old 2012-10-19, 13:53   Link #5
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just read ch1 in english trad, seem like very different from the anime at the moment.
we still have our yuri vibes at the max (JUST KISS ALREADY DAMMIT !), but we don't have our miracles just yet

i hope to read more as i loved the anime so much
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Old 2012-10-19, 14:45   Link #6
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I just read it. Nothing really happened yet so I can't say much. One I thing I didn't like though was the Saki seems more serious/cold than in the anime. In the anime she did seem more mature than the others but not like this. Let's hope she'll soften up a bit soon.
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seinen, slice of life, supernatural

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