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The Life of Budori Guskou (2012)

So I wanted to start a thread for this film from 2012, directed by Gisaburo Sugii, a looooooong time director who also directed the film version of Night on the Galactic Railroad.

Just like that film, this is based on a story by famous poet/author Kenji Miyazawa. Also just like that film, virtually all the characters are cats, because Miyazawa liked them (you can also see this in Shoji Kawamori's Spring and Chaos TV special).

The film is, as the title would suggest, the story of the life of Budori Guskou, a young boy who lives in a cottage in the middle of the forest in Ihatov, a fictional land that Miyazawa created. However, when horrific weather and famine strike Ihatov and his little sister Neri is kidnapped, Budori heads off into the world.

Ostensibly to find her, you'd think, but the story is generally hardly concerned with that. Instead, it's a moralistic tale about the virtues of hard work. Or at least it should be...

I'd be very interested to hear what other people think of this once they've had the chance to watch the film. Having rewatched bits of it over and over again over the past few days out of necessity, although the film has beautiful artwork and music I think it's ultimately rather flawed.

Spoiler for MASSIVE plot spoilers, do not read unless you want the whole film spoilt for you!:

On the whole it's a slow and meditative experience and not entirely without charm, but I just found the above elements to be more than a little irritating.
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Old 2013-08-11, 18:39   Link #2
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Is it just me, but after reading the plot summary of 'Kaze Tachinu', did Studio Ghibli literally rip off a competitor's star movie my simply making the exact same film, but with an opposite plot, and humans instead of cats? Budori Guskou worked tirelessly to create inventions that would save the world, whereas the new Ghibli's hero created weapons. Both films heavily feature dreams, and the significant female hero being sick/dead, with the protagonist fighting for them.

I mean Studio Ghibli's huge, and their movie would sell regardless, and I read about the origin of either story. It just seems weird that two studios, in successive years, would release two massive film projects that are seemingly mirror images of each other, along the same basic plot.
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