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Perfect 10 7 43.75%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 3 18.75%
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Old 2014-04-24, 00:55   Link #1
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Welcome to the discussion thread for Little Busters EX, Episode 4.

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Old 2014-04-24, 09:59   Link #2
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It's a magnificent end to the arc. For a moment though, I thought they were going to go for a Saya dies ending.....

Unless, this is another level of the dreamworld.
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Old 2014-04-24, 11:14   Link #3
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Spoiler for VN ending:
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Old 2014-04-24, 12:17   Link #4
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Spoiler for speculations:
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Old 2014-04-24, 14:52   Link #5
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that was a good ending, I thought it was a bad ending the moment Saya shoot herself, but it was good that it wasn't.
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Old 2014-04-24, 15:58   Link #6
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Yeah, I definitely think Saya is still dead and what we saw was perhaps her creating her own dream world. There are too many hints that way. First was Kyousuke's talk about the time machine. When he mentions it too Riki he's showing that slightly sad smile with his hair covering his eyes, which has almost always in anime been a sign of lying. There's also his "Would you believe if I say so?" with the key words being "If I say so" Of course there's also the fact that she asked for the treasure to be a biological weapon herself. Kyousuke has ample reason to lie too as he needs Riki to get stronger.

Now when Saya "wakes up" it is very odd that Riki just happens to be outside waiting for her and as they are running the background fades away. Though I think the most damning piece of evidence is when we see her lying in the grass and is surrounded in all those orbs of light which is symbolic of the dream world. So yeah, there's tons and tons of evidence here.

Anyway, this episode was quite good and quite possibly the darkest LB episode yet. There was a little bit of Steins Gate in the beginning as we witness most of Saya's death. Naturally, I felt quite sad for her and Riki, when she decided to kill herself in order to save him. Though, as usual I feel the worst for Kyousuke. It can't be easy for him. He needs Riki (and Rin) to get stronger, so if that means he has to hurt a friend or getting rid of a girl even though she will die then so be it. Brutal stuff really. Jun Maeda's music is always excellent (I'd say better than his writing) and Saya's song is no exception.

Next up is Sasasegawa Sasami (Did I get that right?) as she deals with turning into.... a cat?

Last edited by MCAL; 2014-04-24 at 16:21.
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Old 2014-04-25, 02:40   Link #7
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Originally Posted by MCAL View Post
Though I think the most damning piece of evidence is when we see her lying in the grass and is surrounded in all those orbs of light which is symbolic of the dream world. ?
Actually that was snow,they were recreated this scene from
Spoiler for VN ending credit:

Key has got to put in at least one sad girl in snow scene in their VN/anime.
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Old 2014-04-26, 15:11   Link #8
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That was so sad! Damn you Maeda! Of course Saya's song by Lia made it even worse >.<
Now I see why this is the best route.
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Old 2014-05-02, 00:28   Link #9
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That was a surprising episode. I've complained the last ovas don't really feel like Little Busters as Riki is not that strong of a lead on his own and the show is really lacking without the others, but it came together rather well here and they really made a class effort into doing this episode with the music and visuals. Also, vibes from previous Key works can easily be felt.

Admittedly, the whole Saya past thing seemed to have a lack of subtlety. Oh WARRRR and shit, but then again Little Busters is a series that manages to do it with a straight face, and that is why this episode managed to do so well.

And tragic pasts, k?

Interestingly, this explains why she's so trigger happy. She grew up in a war zone

She's been forced to beta test for Diablo 3 all this time? Wha!

Saya channels the fury of entire MMO communities and most likely the community too. Will it be enough to defeat the Kyousuke the Executives of Darkness? The next part was kinda dumb, so I've substituted Mio here instead of...

Apparently, Saya's ultimate weapon was a crossdressing Riki, I find that to be a splendid twist!

Ok, maybe it was a bad idea to stick Mio here, as Komari looks dumbfounded as she always does. Also, why does Riki look like Rin with the wig on?

God damn, Riki, have you been in my room again? Touch me and I'll beat the crap out of you!

Poor dumb Riki...

Fuck you Jun Maeda, this isn't the first time you've told me something like this before.

In a heartbreaking sequence, Saya learns that she has been incompatible with this world, and with her around, they can never succeed. And you have to realize the strain Kyousuke's been through to have to deal with all this, with Saya being (rightfully) stubborn about this as she has no other choice but to die. But sadly, Saya has to go through with ending this all, and what's worse is Riki doesn't know what the fuck was happening. She's willing to make the hard choice of letting everyone else survive.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, Riki-kun

And holy shiet that was a long and agonizing scene, just like how it was for all parties involved.

Don't believe what Mio told you about what happened here! Instead, a random girl that you knew in your childhood intruded into this world, and I had to get rid of her to make sure we could be together. Errr...
At this point, Kyousuke, I think nothing is impossible in this fucking show. Fuck, and they didn't even animate any sex scenes! At least they weren't like Kyoani-- Saya and I would have an offscreen kiss and maybe not even a hug if they ran this joint.

The ending is left ambiguous, though it does seem like this may be the last we see of Saya. But at least she was happy in her last moments, which she could never do in her life. But maybe we already do know where she went....

The fuck happened to my hair! Fuck you lazy greedy and uncreative fucks! I'm in a show that makes even less sense now. Who do i have to shoot!? Hey I still have my gun!

Anyhow, a beautiful episode, and it left me little to really ask for. Next episode is about pussy... errr cats. And time marches on.

Live long and play baseball, Riki.
Let us start here from Square one. No... from zero!
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Old 2014-05-18, 10:08   Link #10
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Ok Archon, you win. I was laughing like a madman at the end there. Good one

I'm adding my vote to the "she got her own dream world" at the end. That fade to white and Kyosuke's sad smile are a dead giveaway.
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Old 2014-05-18, 11:03   Link #11
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I don't know if Saya is truly dead or alive thanks to Kyousuke's deus ex machina skills, but I wish that she would just reincarnate herself then instead.
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Old 2014-05-18, 14:13   Link #12
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I always thought it was quiet obvious about Saya's fate just by reading Saya's song lyrics,then there's Saya's character song which was even more obvious just by looking at its title.
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Old 2014-05-22, 02:02   Link #13
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It was a bit confusing at the end but i guess a dying Aya somehow gets to connect to the same world Kyosuke created outside of the boundaries of time so when she escaped that world she returned to the point where she left as a child. Am i right?

Also, what's the release date for EX Episode 5? I'm ready for some funny Sasame shaeningans xD
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Old 2014-05-28, 11:49   Link #14
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Join Date: Oct 2012 is Aya still alive or die in real life?
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Old 2014-05-31, 09:56   Link #15
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Originally Posted by Zankoku12 View Post
I always thought it was quiet obvious about Saya's fate just by reading Saya's song lyrics,then there's Saya's character song which was even more obvious just by looking at its title.
fuck this homo planet
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Old 2014-06-22, 07:30   Link #16
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It was such a great arc

Spoiler for True end?:
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Old 2014-06-22, 10:52   Link #17
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oh my god what

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