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Old 2016-08-22, 09:22   Link #1
A NEET in space
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Favorite Vocaloid Songs?

Went back a couple pages and didnt see anything on vocaloid, not sure if i may have missed it or its very far back but, I figured Id might as well just start one myself.

Ive been really into vocaloid as of late, but my first experience listening to vocaloid dates back to a couple years ago when i heard "Light song" from hatsune miku. Ive been listening to quite a few new ones after purchasing project diva 2, which introduced me to a lot of my favorite songs today. Akidearest (the famous youtuber) makes a lot of vocaloid lists as well, which got me into some new songs i hadnt heard playing project diva 2. I eventually decided I would love to go to a concert, so i had my first experience at miku expo in nyc (which was awesome) where i had learnt of one of my favorite songs: remote control by rin and len. God i love that song.

Vocaloid is awesome, talk about it.

Whats your favorite vocaloid songs? Have you ever been to a vocaloid concert? What other experiences have you had with vocaloid?

My favorite songs are:
Remote Control - Rin&Len
Rolling Girl - Hatsune Miku
Lost Ones Weeping - Rin
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Old 2016-08-24, 00:33   Link #2
Sherry x Rye
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Location: Amerikkka
Kazemachi Hello World - Hatsune Miku (add9)
rem - defoko (nakano_4)
Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan - IA (Orangestar)
-Error - galaco (niki)
COSMiCA - Gumi (livetune)

I love vocaloids and utauloids; I've done a little meddling utauloids.
I don't plan on going to a vocaloid concert mainly cause I just don't go to concerts in general.
10 faced was the song that got me into this whole fandom lol, I still love it.
I also love utaite, namely Lon, Hanatan, and Reol. Lon's cover of Double Lariat is heavenly :3
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Old 2016-08-24, 05:13   Link #3
My posts are frivolous
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Freely tomorrow by Mitchie M (most realistic Vocaloid song I've ever heard)

From Y to Y by Oneroom-P

Favourite utaitte would be Kakichoco followed by Utawa-Sakura (retired), Yamai, and Yoru (retired). Been following some of the Chinese utaitte recently, such as Mokona and 冥月.
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Old 2016-08-24, 15:32   Link #4
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Po Pi Po - Miku Hatsune

Alone - SeeU

Jewelfish - Hiyama Kiyoteru
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Old 2016-08-25, 09:10   Link #5
Haven't You Heard?
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Hatsune Miku:
- Sakura Rain
- Senbonzakura
- Puppet Clown
- The Snow White Princess
- Romeo and Cinderella

- Hello Worker

- The Snow White Princess

Duet / Group:
- Ai Dee
- Ai suru Vocaloid
- Colorful x Melody
- Hikyou Sentai Urotander
- Pair of Wintry Winds
- Promise
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