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Old 2013-06-24, 18:40   Link #2161
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^ da pic...

"Hay, your front is open"

That was sooo cute... LOL
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Old 2013-06-25, 03:27   Link #2162
Dark Wing
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Originally Posted by Guido View Post
The angels featured in both shows display somewhat erratic behavior and creepy obsessions, although I think Sariel was not an obsession, but simply he became too much evil:
1. Ash bid for a world rid of unclealiness and uncleaned ones.
2. Sariel conspired to get rid of the Maou even if the end justified all possible means, meaning that Heaven might be cruel.

Both angelic guys featured and posessed their proper brand of pervertedness:
1. Ash, I won't go into details for that would be spoiler.
2. Sariel, well he got curious to go back to Ente Isla or the Heaven taking Chiho along with him in order to probe her how come a human fell of her own volition to the Dark Lord. With Emi he was forced to resort into attempting to physically extract the Better Half from Emi's body.

What can I say? In most fictional works now a days Angels are dicks...
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Old 2013-06-25, 13:24   Link #2163
Lolli for loli :D
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Originally Posted by Sheba View Post
James, you were a terrible terrible villain.


Yes, James was.

And Emi got a hime-dakko scene with Maou! Yay~

Hur, take that, Miss Fanserv-I mean Chiho....
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Old 2013-06-27, 09:05   Link #2164
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Yup, last episode with scenes of the characters going about their lives/business replacing the ED animation.
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Old 2013-06-27, 11:03   Link #2165
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The last touch with Emi was nice, otherwise a relatively lackluster last episode. And no confirmation of season 2 either.
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Old 2013-06-27, 11:27   Link #2166
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Originally Posted by larethian View Post
The last touch with Emi was nice, otherwise a relatively lackluster last episode. And no confirmation of season 2 either.
Well based on another poster he/she has said that a second season has been confirmed. Its on the LN thread of this.
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Old 2013-06-27, 12:21   Link #2167
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Well, this didn't feel like a last episode, I guess they counted on getting a second season.

Spoiler for ep 13:

As for a second season, I'm 100% certain that it's coming. I don't know if I'll be watching it, though. I absolutely loved the first 6 episodes, but the second half of the series was a long descent into "ehh, this is not what I signed up for." There's nothing wrong with the show, but I expected more, or something different - I really don't care for the romcom/harem aspect, or the show's general treatment of the fantasy elements/moral issues. In the end, Hataraku Maou-sama is simply not the kind of anime I'm normally interested in, and it's not tweaking the setting and the characters enough to keep my interest up in the long run. (Ashiya getting sidelined doesn't help. :/ He was my favorite, dammit.)

On the other hand, the characters are amusing (to some degree - the demons are fine, though Maou is a bit of a Stu, Emi is okay, Chiho is at least sorta cute, but I don't care about Suzuno, or the boring and clichéd boob shenanigans with Emi and Chiho), and more importantly, the seiyuu are absolutely fantastic. If I watch the second season it will be mainly because I can't get enough of hearing the voices and the acting. Congrats to whoever did the casting, they've assembled an awesome team.

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Old 2013-06-27, 12:44   Link #2168
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Spoiler for last episode and final thoughts:

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Old 2013-06-27, 16:52   Link #2169
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10/10 first 2 episodes

downhill after that

7/10 for total series. very disappointing
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Old 2013-06-27, 17:14   Link #2170
Is Here
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Op has changed again hehe
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Old 2013-06-27, 17:15   Link #2171
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The beginning of the ep was such a troll. I thought it made no sense for Maou to get back to Ente Isla like this, and sure enough, that was just a dream. What is saddening is that Chiho never got that affectionate kiss on the forehead.

The rest of the episode was pretty good. They got into trouble because of Lucifer once again. Why are they just letting him freeload? Tell him to find a goddamn job if he wants to buy stuff. Ashiya and Maou are such irresponsible guardians. The scene after the credit was a very fitting one to end the first season on. It's actually brilliant, even.

This show was definitely the dark horse of the season for me. I never thought something with such a silly premise could be so good. The series lost a bit of steam in the second half, but it remained highly enjoyable. I'm going to miss this series. It was by far my favorite from Spring.
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Old 2013-06-27, 17:15   Link #2172
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nice episode, is good for being the final episode and it feel they will get a second season
a give this series a 8/10
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Old 2013-06-27, 17:29   Link #2173
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Good first half, sort of mixed second half, and the final episode was just pure disappointment. I can get them not being able to return of Ente Isla, but it could have been more conclusive than.... THAT. Not bad overall though.
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Old 2013-06-27, 17:40   Link #2174
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This is a show with so many nice small details. Like Emi's sublime smile in the end, followed by her happy twirling of her umbrella.

A solid 9/10 on my end, looking forward for S2.
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Old 2013-06-27, 18:26   Link #2175
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Just to be sure if my head is one straight, the Angel is a M..................?
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Old 2013-06-27, 19:06   Link #2176
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2 things I noticed at the beginning of the episode.

1) Maou always claims that he does not have enough magic power to return to Ente Isla. He then proceeds to create a portal to Ente Isla and threw Sariel in it, without entering it himself. What does that tell you?

2) Maou fixed a broken city, yet he left his bike in ruins...
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Old 2013-06-27, 19:23   Link #2177
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Originally Posted by thundrakkon View Post
2) Maou fixed a broken city, yet he left his bike in ruins...
First of all its not just a bike it is "Dullahan"
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Old 2013-06-27, 20:13   Link #2178
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I like the "cooling-down" aspect of the last episode. Always nice for a season to end like this.
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Old 2013-06-27, 20:29   Link #2179
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LOls..... she likes him.... then season 2...
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Old 2013-06-27, 20:47   Link #2180
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chiho had a dream maou was leaving for esta isla but give maou can't due magic limit cause fix the building & take out trash dump fallen sfc guy to a portal which ta-da end-up in mcronald's freezer then trying get maou's female boss til call the cops!!!

emi had similar dream with maou rule it all to avoid greenland then go check to see til maou's loyal sidekick need private meet then notice of maou's need different scked & etc cue emi & chiho to spy in give maou doing construction work cause all need extra pay for neet-lucifer tracking device.

then uh-oh lots of boxes cause neet-lucifer over buy of 128,000 of junk give go the place find maou's sidekick is there too fill all in yea they got scam & almost uh-oh til emi found loop-hole give they put neet-lucifer as 18yrs & being their guardian make cooling off clause with no need pay 128,000 yen.

all good everything fine life goes on as usual end-up maou get umbrella from emi due to from before all fine on it.
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