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Old 2012-10-19, 17:01   Link #1
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Looking for dark/thrilling mangas

Since I've discovered the Higurashi/Umineko series (especially the mangas), I've been looking for mangas similar to that. Puella Magi Madoka Magica is probably the closest I've gotten (probably Another as well).

I know there isn't anything that's exactly like those two, but basically, I want:

- happy/innocent beginning
- things getting scarier and scarier as the story develops
- that's not THAT necessary but in Higurashi/Umineko, there are moments that seem to be pure shounen (like good guy winning a fight, hero appearing in last second, etc) but seconds later, it is shown that that was just a fluke - for example, girl is about to be killed and screams for help and just when you think the protagonist appears, nothing happens and the girl dies (this was just some random example)
- I don't mind if it has a good or bad ending

I'm actually not looking for pure horror mangas. I want the story to be interesting so I don't lose interest fast. For example, Ibitsu is a relatively scary manga but because of the story (and the protagonist's actions), I didn't enjoy it that much in the end.

Madoka was great because it took the whole "witches" thing from a different approach than usually. Another's premise was fine, but it got quite bad towards the end.

Thanks in advance
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Old 2012-10-19, 17:08   Link #2
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I am going to suggest Steins;gate (though this based off the manga being the same as the anime, which it should be, but not completely sure it is).
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Old 2012-10-20, 03:32   Link #3
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Some suggestions:

Dr. Du Ming. Dark, psychological thriller. It's nowhere near as "shounen" as your examples though, so not sure if you'd find it boring or not due to non-shounen pacing. Relatively "mature" story (adults as characters with adult situations).

Shingeki no Kyojin. More in-line with your examples, in that it straddles the thin line between dark and hilarity (ie: Higurashi). Giants start to show up and attack, eating human beings. Throw in some plot twists and plenty of death.

Vinland Saga. One of the more grim/dark historical manga out there. Largely covers the story of a young viking on a quest for revenge.

Berserk. Probably the definitive dark fantasy manga. Makes you rage at the anime, and then rage even harder when they decide to do some movies rather than continue on animating the Berserk story.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
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