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Old 2014-10-19, 15:50   Link #1
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Annabelle (The Conjuring spinoff)

The link is the site for the Annabelle film released two weeks ago.

This thread is open for all people who have already watched the film to post their thoughts about it, and for those who haven't yet to publish their expectations for the movie.

This is the wikipedia entry site about the film.
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Old 2014-10-19, 22:00   Link #2
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Trailer is very attractive but I have not seen it
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Old 2014-10-24, 23:51   Link #3
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Watched it a few days ago. It's a good thriller, as in, the very concept of the scares is good and the execution makes it better.

If I had to complain about one thing though, the plot was too light. Could have followed a MUCH darker path, especially near the end...but it was still worth watching.
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Old 2014-11-02, 02:42   Link #4
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Join Date: May 2004
Location: Monterrey, México
Age: 37
Finally, watched the film yesterday along with my sister and some friends of hers.

My sister was not keen to the idea of watching this movie on Halloween though.

This film contains lots of thrilling scares some more effective than the others, since I felt some of the scares were over the top due to tresspassing into Hollywood flick territory.

Overall, the film goes above average, and they could have worked better the frights and haunting, since a great part of the shock value was delivered to trigger a visceral reaction at a passing moment. Whereas I liked more those scenes that built tension, as something sinister was lurking at every corner and door of the victim's home, and one couldn't help but feeling the stress of the accumulating thrill in your stomach.

A sequel to Annabelle will definitely follow telling the full tale of the two nurses featured at the start of The Conjuring and at the beginning of this film.
BTW, I am listening to the full version of the ending theme to the Ghost Hunt anime, since I felt fitting and appropriate while I'm writing this review.
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