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Old 2013-01-03, 12:58   Link #301
Rising Dragon
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Originally Posted by kitten320 View Post
It's a game! There are thousands of strangers who are cool and strong as well as funny.
Yeah, and the vast majority of them are enemy races who would try to kill her rather than romance her. Anyways, she's got reasons to be clinging to Kirito, which you'll be finding out soon.

Originally Posted by kitten320 View Post
And just falling for this type of guy shows that she's been a lock out living in dream world of fairy tales. Sadly almost every femal characters is the same. But then again since they all are gamers I guess that should've been expected -_-
Don't a lot of teenage girls do that? Gamer or otherwise? While it may be annoying, it's realistic.
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Old 2013-01-03, 14:11   Link #302
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What is weird and unbelievable. There are thousands of characters, it is impossible for all good looking ones to be of different races considering that her race is one of the prettiest here.
Besides in game world they usually all are good looking ones.

But not every single one of them! They all are build on same stereotype here, none of the females has anything unique going on for them in this show.
At least guys have some kind of varietion while females are all the same.
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Old 2013-01-03, 14:25   Link #303
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There's a bit early on where Leafa opens up her friends list, and the only person on it is Recon.

This next bit is about her experiences in online games, but I honestly cannot remember if this gets brought up in the anime later or just in the novel or what, so spoiler tags.

Spoiler for Leafa's online gaming philosophy, possible novel info.:

In any case, while I'm sure there's plenty of guys out there like Kirito, it's also a product of the situation they both find themselves in.

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Old 2015-03-24, 19:10   Link #304
Full Dive
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Turning point in the show

For me this was really were the show took a turn for the worse. I absolutely loved the first 16 episodes. The story was original and enticing, the stakes terrifying and even the love story was good. One of the best things was they managed to avoid common tropes like the damsel in distress. In the SAO world both Kirito and Asuna loved each other so much they were willing to sacrifice their own lives for each other. This was often a point of contention as one attempted to put their life on the the line for the other one and that person refused. You could even argue that Asuna was the stronger player in SAO. This added to the tension and suspense of a series already filled with those things.

Once the game switched over to the Fairy MMO all this kind of went out the window. Asuna became this week damsel in distress I mean "Kirito will save me." Really, did those words really come from the mouth of the same person who sacrificed herself for Kirito in the final boss battle of SAO? Also after getting used to dying in game equating to dying in real life the consequences of dying and re spawning in the new game pales in comparison and is boring. Honestly I am more interested in Kazuto's story outside of VR. I wish they would have stuck to that or ended the series at episode 15. What do you think?
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