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Game plots & setting on game u wish you could create?

i know people out there would like to make game and sell it out there but if u could create your own game what will it be??????

Well my ones would be this

1 my one would be saint row & gta style open world but character u control is zombie and ur mission is to find ur wife who been kidnap by secret order government which basically pull strings. You are jack harper Cia agent wounded in line of duty only to be revive by drug called Z250 drug that would give u superhuman strength. But u turned into zombie and devour ur victims they in turn into zombie them self, its basically principle u control zombies eat ur victims and u got mission to do side quest etc...

Basically gta & saints meet stubbs

2 would be rpg in open world setting in 1788 basically ur character u design can be hero serving the queen who ur lover basic u have powers and u have to find killer who plotting to over throw the country u have telekinetic power u be able to remove body part while using it all just use the weapons against them have them kill them...

game influence me to design this game is bit of assassin creed but first person meet bit of dishonored

so what game do you want to make???
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Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War x Guild Wars:

-You start off in missions as a single guardsman or marine completing missions/objectives as part of a unit
-You raise in rank and become leader of your own unit
-You manage your own load-out to complete missions that become available
-Semi-persistent world in that there's a "universe / galaxy" map showing "hot zones"
-Controlling valuable sectors/etc is important for supply and equipment
-Super high difficultly co-op missions that require several squads to complete
-Combination of "from behind" camera angle with cover based mechanics and squad commands
-Expansions for Eldar, Orks, Tau, Chaos, etc.. as necessary
-Objective based "pvp" combat between "armies" composed of numerous "squads" of differing factions
-Necrons and Tyranids should be left as plot elements, "special campaigns"

Outlook not so good
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Title: ERROR =!=

you are a mercenary at a famous school that actually works to gather the best and the strongest assassins out there and hire them out. 90% of the world has fallen to depravity and is run by organized criminals and debauched devils in human shape. There is a rebel/terrorist group who want to destroy the world because the world has gone beyond saving. The last 10% who are still morally correct. These so called good guys have all the tools necessary to fulfill their ends including mechs, magic and the blessings of gods themselves. Your first mission starts you off stealing a new weapon of the good guys which is still in development. Eventually you learn that there really are gods in this world and they support the good guys, they have repeatedly tried to destroy the world but human ingenuity has surpassed the system they set up. You, the main character, are also an error, an existence beyond their control. You then take missions and eventually choose which side to take and decide humanity's fate.

-general gameplay is RPG style hack and slash with some shootem' up.

-Weapons can be upgraded with "Blood" which is stored in the weapon every time you kill an enemy. These upgrades come in the form of skills which vary from increased damage output to adding elemental properties to adding status ailments.

-Error system allows the player to customize their controlled character with abilities as well. Whenever a character levels up or "System Breaks" they gain a set amount of skill points. These skill points can be used to augment abilities that increase HP, damage, resistance to elements or ailments. Some skills are character specific and give access to action moves to perform devastating combos.

-day and night system. There are missions that can only be taken during the day and missions taken only during the night. Normally, nights are reserved for rank determination within the school where you have to defeat as many high ranked peers as possible in a survival battle royale style. Death here is still game over. Rank can also be determined by playing PVP mode with other players.

-You normally lead a party of three and can freely switch between these three characters. Each one has their own style of combat and can be given simple strategic instructions to determine how they act while not under your direct control.
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