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Ancient Space

Homeworld may be the de facto king of this particular jungle, but contenders do surface. In this case, Paradox Interactive and Creative Forge Games are stepping up with Ancient Space, which places you in command of an expedition heading into an area of space known as the Black Zone. Your objectives: solve the mystery of the previous expedition's disappearance precisely a decade ago... and discover why this area seems to be... expanding.

And since an image is worth many words, here're two:

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Mr Hat and Clogs
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Hmm, that does look pretty awesome. No Homeworld of course, but I'm sure I could deal... Lols. But srsly, it looks pretty good. Considering it's a paradox game, wonder how complex it may be.

Two things. One, what's with poster girls in tight leather pants, apparently women can't face the audience, lols. Two, is that a god damn Reaper at 00:23, liaise it damn well looks like one.
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Old 2014-08-22, 22:39   Link #3
Wait for it...
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I doubt I can trust my officers.... I have mastered both Micro and Macro of Homeworld... down to every single fighter...

They might even act on their own, ruining the grand strategy... (And back at Red Alert 3, It's really better to play with other players than a co-commander AI, they don't know the many exploits you can do with other players [IFV borrowing, Twinblades carrying forces from other factions, Sudden Transport/Century bomber towing everything, Mirage Tank (Gap Generator Mode)x Apocalypse/King Oni/Wave Force, etc...])
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Originally Posted by Mr Hat and Clogs View Post
Two things. One, what's with poster girls in tight leather pants, apparently women can't face the audience, lols.
I think she's firing a super weapon from her bosoms at that planet in the background... see how all the ships are speeding away from the contact point?

Anyways, it looks like it could be interesting... if the story isn't balls. A character driven story, not a bunch of mission parameters and techno-babel over fuzzy transmissions.
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rts, space

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