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Old 2012-11-18, 21:12   Link #1
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Movies "like" Sword of The Stranger...

Stranger Mukō Hadan as it's known apparently...I am hoping the mighty forum gods don't drop the hammer on this post...But I looked to make sure there weren't any others about it so....

I haven't had time to watch a lot of the Anime I have been downloading, But one I saw between classes in the Student Rec room was Sword of The Stranger, and Holy, Freaking, Eh. I loved it?

I have quite the list of Anime series built up...I am mainly looking to expand my views to movies now. Ideas?

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Old 2012-11-19, 03:55   Link #2
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If you don't mind the dated ones, try Ninja Scroll and Ninja Ressurection. Both are pretty similar to Sword of the Stranger in terms of story and content. Musashi might be another treat as well.
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Old 2012-11-20, 16:52   Link #3
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Most of the movies I know are of different genre or related to some kind of anime...

Hmmm... Well you could try to watch Berserk movies. 1st movie is subbed already, second not yet and 3rd will be released in few weeks.
However, original anime series are much better...

Another thing that pops to my mind are Kara No Kyoukai movie series. I only saw 2 so far. It has beautiful animation though release order is not actual order of how things go so it can be confusing.

Hmmm... not the best movie in the world but if you played the game you might be interested in Tekken: Blood Vengeance. Has nice action.

I personally liked Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within even though majority doesn't seem to agree with me =/

Sadly action movie wise that's all I know.
Any others would require for you to watch TV series first.

However, none of my suggestions comes even close to greatness of Sword of the Stranger.
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