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Old 2012-11-27, 17:44   Link #81
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Originally Posted by The Small One View Post
BTW, was it even said, that Doflamingo is a fruits user? If so, when?
Maybe his power is just something different.

Well, how about we turn this question around: Was it ever said that he wasn't a fruit user? Frankly, almost every warlord we were introduced to had a fruit power, so I see no reason to exclude Dofla from that list. Why bother doubting Occam's Razor?

Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
Either way, the overarching plot of One Piece seldom goes in a predictable manner.

I used to believe this once myself, but after some predictions I made during the arcs leading up to Marineford turned out to come true (particularly Whitebeard being killed by Teach), I realized that OP isn't as unpredictable as I once thought. Not to say that it doesn't surprise me any more, but just that I no longer find it impossible to predict future plot details.

Actually, this kind of ties in with my above response to The Small One. Just because a villain wasn't confirmed to have a fruit power doesn't mean that we can't reason out the possibility he does, right? I see nothing wrong with a story being predictable, since execution should be what matters the most, I think.....
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Old 2012-11-28, 02:46   Link #82
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Well, for one, I didn't say One Piece was -never- predictable. And with the rise of the internet, the extremely genre-savvy increase in number as well. The question is, could a mere mortal have predicted all of that?
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Old 2012-11-28, 02:51   Link #83
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Putting the previous talks aside for now, new spoilers are out! Better get em' while they're still fresh!
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