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Old 2012-12-09, 16:42   Link #21
AS Oji-kun
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Originally Posted by jdennis007 View Post
If I may post my opinions on this subject.
I would suggest that you post titles only and possibly a single sentence summary and if people want to know more then they can ask or look it up.
My opinion regarding tags, yeah tags are nice and all but they don't tell you how an anime is only what an anime is, the reason you post requests is because you want people's opinions on what shows are good.
Those two sentiments seem rather contradictory. You suggest posting only titles, but then you say you want people to explain why they are suggesting a show. If you're interested in the person's opinion, they need to provide more than a title.

As for tags, many of the better Suggestions forums threads are tagged like these for instance.

As far as thanking people goes in most of the threads that I have seen people will usually give a generic that you for your suggestions.
Not always, and some posters ask a question then never come back to see the answers for days at a time. The people who reply are left wondering whether they are talking among themselves.
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Old 2012-12-10, 07:54   Link #22
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
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Aye, it is far too common for the OP to simply never respond or thank anyong for "doing their homework for them" and often the thread becomes several of the suggesters chatting.

I suppose its a bit worse when the OP has poorly formulated the question to begin with and then insults or belittles people who took the time to respond.
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Old 2012-12-10, 15:29   Link #23
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I've tried to make an effort to rep/thank people for well-thought out posts when I do make a suggestions thread (and I try not to forget I made one... which can be tough when your forum time comes in active bursts and then recedes for longer time periods like mine...).

Having some stickied threads for common suggestion topics, where people can post their own favorites, might be a nice idea for the forum. For instance, you could have one thread for every major genre and people are free to post their favorites. To keep these threads from devolving into a massive list with sparing explanations, the threads could have rules for a minimum level of detail acceptable. That way, interested users could peruse the thread and properly sift through why people liked a series, as well as try to see if that user has a similar taste to their own. The first post could even have a suggested template (that need not be followed, but as a guideline) prospective posters could utilize for a streamlined look, including categories such as sub-genres, time period, art quality, soundtrack, etc. Additionally, this format would make non-stickied threads focused more towards personal, specific suggestions as requested by the OP.

In line with the idea of appreciation, a main thread like this could have someone read your post months or even years after you wrote it. If they find it particularly helpful and well-expressed they could rep or PM you with thanks. Currently, your articulated response is at risk of being buried over time and only seen if a poster shows due diligence with the search feature.
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Old 2012-12-11, 07:53   Link #24
blinded by blood
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The OP has a point. Lots of threadcrapping on suggestion posts. Lots of off-topic chatter, too, as vexx noted.

Moderators don't grow on trees, though.
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