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Yuyake Danden「夕やけだん団」


これは、4月1日より109シネマズ全館にて幕間上映されるオリジナルのショートアニメ。JR日暮里駅から ほど近いところにあってネコが集まる階段「夕やけだんだん」を舞台に、女子高生・七海と不可思議なネコ・コ トブキのほのぼのとした物語を毒舌交じりに描く。

監督は二村秀樹さん、キャラクターデザインは村田蓮爾さん、脚本は藤沢文翁さん、制作はダイナモピクチャー ズ。キャストは、ネコのコトブキが山寺宏一さん、女子高生・七海が一般オーディションによって選出された柴 紅音さん。毎月1本ずつ新作を公開する。

This is original short anime that will be screened at 109 cinemas in Japan next month (April 1st).

The character designer Renji "Range" Murata and the director Futamura Hideki are producing this anime with studio Dynamo Pictures.

The cast included are :
Yamadera Kouichi as Kotobuki the Cat and
Shiba Akane who wins the role Nanami, the main character in this anime, through an audition.

The description said this is a heart warming story about a schoolgirl named Nanami, and the mysterious cat-Kotobuki. (I'll edit the synopsis later, after better translation done by ANN).
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Oops, seems the title is a bit wrong.
Well, actually I'm not sure how to put the title.

Yuuyakedan-Dan ? I don't even know how to translate this.
The only part that I know is 団 which mean "Brigade". Just like in SOS Brigade

Pls forgive my mistake :P, maybe I should ask Flower / moderator to change the title later.
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Schoolgirl and a cat..interesting.

I'm assuming it will follow a slice of life tone. The girl looks kinda cute here with her headphones on. I wonder how they met in the first place though.
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Sounds interesting enough. I'm glad the cat is not just another cutesy mascot character, though the tough punk look is a little overdone.
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Updated, I'll ask moderator to change the title.
Spoiler for Visual:

An official website for the "Yuyake Dandan" series of anime shorts launched on Wednesday and announced that Range Murata (Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing-, Shangri-La) is designing the characters. The anime will debut in 109 Cinemas theaters throughout Japan on April 1.

109 Cinemas is producing the shorts to screen alongside trailers and other promotional at its theaters. The anime will run before feature film screenings in all 109 Cinemas theaters. A new anime short will screen every month.

The shorts are set on a stairway where the sunset can be enjoyed near Tokyo's JR Nippori Station. The story centers on the female high school student Nanami and the mysterious cat Kotobuki. In a nostalgic atmosphere, they have strange conversations and relax as the sun sets. Foul language and Kotobuki's peculiar, grandfatherly Edo dialect intersperse their conversations. Kotobuki has an extensive knowledge in certain fields and lives in his own world.

Nanami doesn't understand everything he says, but her varied interests and current curiosity with Kotobuki keep her lingering by his side.

New voice actress Akane Shiba was chosen in an audition for the role of Nanami. Veteran voice actor Kouichi Yamadera (Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell) will play Kotobuki.

Hideki Futamura (Limit Cycle, Halo Legends, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) is directing the anime short at Victor Studio 501. Bunō Fujisawa is writing the script, and Akemi Imano (CLAMP in Wonderland 2) is serving as art director. Flying Dog's Shiro Sasaki (Space Dandy, Last Exile, Btooom!) is in charge of planning, and Takurō Iga is composing the music.

In addition to his artbooks and manga, Murata created the character designs for anime such as Blue Submarine No. 6 and Last Exile. Murata provided artwork for a new Attack on Titan novel Kakuzetsu Toshi no Jōō (The Queen of the Isolated City) in August. He released some of his dōjinshi (self-published) works on iOS devices, including his first art book as an iPad app in English. Murata was voted "Best Artist of the Year" in the 2006 Seiun Awards.

Official website :
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