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I don't hate Kayaba... I don't really think he was playing god when he created SAO. After all, he didn't play as a god. He played as a normal ( though invincible) character XD. What I'm trying to say is that he could have played the entire game as that giant specter he appeared as in the begining of the series, but he didn't. I don't think he would ever toy with the players. His immortality was only so that he could survive to see the end of his vision.

I can't really think of him as a monster, the same way that the criminal justice system doesn't think that crazies are fully responsible for their actions. While he did show no emotion at killing thousands of people, this was probably caused by a form of psychopathy. He may very well be incapable of valuing human life. He doesn't like killing... but he doesn't really think of it as something so horrible.

He created SAO because he wanted to create his ideal fantasy world, not because he thought it would be a laugh to kill almost half of its 10,000 inhabitants. He was trying to create something beautiful, but his psychological problems prevented him from seeing all the things that were wrong with imprisoning thousands of people in a death game.

The verdict:
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