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Old 2012-12-24, 14:05   Link #1
Haters Gonna Hate
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The Amateurish Productions of a Haak

So I decided to make a Christmas AMV.

That statement is ironic for two reasons. First of all, I generally dislike AMVs. Oh there may be one or two that I like but for the most part, I avoid them like a plague and Iíll probably continue to do so. Second of all, coming from a conservative muslim background, Iíve never actually celebrated Christmas in my entire lifetime since it was never an established tradition in my family and my parents were never big on buying things we didnít need (A wonderful childhood, you can imagine...). I did a secret Santa thing with my friends at Uni last year but we didnít even do it on Christmas and it was pretty half-arsed. I think I was the only who didnít end up telling who I was getting a present for (And I ended up getting a £5 note). But I generally try to use it as an opportunity to be more charitable, and Iíve always liked the spirit of Christmas so this ended up being one of the few outlets for my desire to celebrate it without having to spend extortionate amounts of money.

Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

This is my first AMV and as you can guess itís not a terribly ambitious one, video editing wise. I simply put in a couple anime clips together and tried to time it with the music. I donít know anything about video editing and making AMVs and I donít even know if you can do anything advanced on Windows Live Movie Maker so it couldnít be helped. But I didnít think anything crazy advanced would be suited to what I wanted to achieve anyway so I think it works out better this way if itís kept simple. I ran into some, in hindsight, pretty obvious problems though. The main idea was to advertise anime that I like but funnily enough I ended up including anime that I didnít even like anyway because the ones that I wanted to use didnít have clips that fit all that easily and I ended up having to make changes. Predictably, I also ended up using clips from anime episodes that aren't even about Christmas but they had snow in it and they sort of fit with the music so I decided to go for them. XP

Now despite knowing next to nothing about making AMVs, I do think I know a few things about what NOT to do, including but not limited to:
  • Playing anime fight scenes to crappy Linkin Park music.
  • Using Linkin Park in general.
  • Using quality resolution blockier than Minecraft.

But I did basically just open up Windows Live Movie Maker and winged it from there on so whilst some constructed feedback would be nice, please donít get all technical on me thinking that Iíll understand what youíre on about. An idiotís guide will be necessary.

Although let me just say that Windows Live Movie Maker is by far one of the most horrifically frustrating pieces of software I have ever had the displeasure of using. I mean the amount of blood curling screams this thing got out of me is just...You know itís amazing that I managed to actually complete this thing at all. I hardly see anything out to the end and usually give up pretty easily when Iím not seeing immediate results so the fact that I was committed to this all the way is a testament to just how good I thought this looked in my head...

Oh and btw, Merry Christmas!
(PS: Itís not snowing over here either. =/ )

List of anime used:
Spoiler for space:
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Old 2013-01-03, 09:01   Link #2
Tumble Rumble
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: Imagination Land
Age: 33
Originally Posted by Haak View Post
Now despite knowing next to nothing about making AMVs, I do think I know a few things about what NOT to do, including but not limited to:
  • Playing anime fight scenes to crappy Linkin Park music.
  • Using Linkin Park in general.
  • Using quality resolution blockier than Minecraft.
That had me in stitches

As for the AMV, its pretty decent, especially the transitions nice and fluent. I like the variation of anime used too.

Only gripes I have is the blur at 1:50 going in and out doesn't seem to fit very well, but you may think it does.
And that the text at the end is very generic (Zooming out on static text) and could of been presented better.

However this is a good AMV. Amazing that you used Windows movie maker (I hate that software) and that it is your first!

Liked and subscribe hope you can bring out more and see your editing improve . If you are serious about making more see if you can pick up Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas will help out a lot.

Also a late Happy Christmas and New Year.
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Old 2013-01-03, 16:41   Link #3
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
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Age: 60
I liked it, some great imagery ... it seemed a little odd in the middle during some of the war imagery that didn't seem to have upbeat payoffs (like handing a shivering prisoner a blanket or something).

But yeah, the technicals are great - *especially* using Windows Movie Maker (which I'd just as soon take a bludgeon to).
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