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Originally Posted by PinkHat View Post
Addicted to this show now, on episode 9 but I like Tomoe the best lol
My daughter was home from college, and together we watched the entire series in two or three sittings.

Originally Posted by Eragon View Post
Saya is somewhat enviable in the first half of the show, but then she becomes rather sullen down the stretch.
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^ Yeah I know. I guess its the full package that's interesting to me. When Saya gets a bit dull there's Diva and other characters as well. So yeah.......this one is very situational
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Samurai Champloo: Fuu's goofy, but she's adorable and she's pretty headstrong in her mission. Eventually, she gains the respect of her comrades as well.

Morestsu Space Pirates: Marika's smart when it comes to stirring the Bentenmaru.

Spice and Wolf: Not only is Holo a former Pagan goddess, she's actually pretty damn clever at times and saves Lawrence a lot.

Claymore: all female fighting.

Moribito: Balsa is the Guardian of a young prince.

Steins; Gate: Okabe might be a mad 'genius' but Kurisu's no slouch either.
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