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Old 2013-10-26, 01:17   Link #1
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Shakugan No Shana Novel, good book to learn?

Hi guys,

I am in Japan right now as an International Exchange Student in Keio University. I'm here to learn as much Japanese as I could during my short stay (6 months). One thing I want to try is learning by reading books, which is something I know nothing of.

I wanted to use Manga, since it seems easier and shorter so I bought the first two Nichijou book since it's one of my favorite anime. Thing is, there is a lot of slangs, shortened and too casual sentence structure and vocabulary in these for me to learn efficiently.

A friend told me about Novel, which use better sentence structure and vocabulary, which would be better to learn the language. (Meaning that the casual short form/slangs could come after) So now I'm on the lookout for something to read in my free time.

With that said, I had an eyes on Shakugan No Shana Novels, an anime that I really liked when I started watching anime. If I remember correctly, the Novel is even better.

Now after all this, here's my questions:

-Does what I think is true? (That I should put more effort toward novels instead of manga for the reasons above) Or I would be stuck with the same problem?

-Does Shakugan No Shana Novel has Furigana? (So I can look up the definition of words/kanjis)

-Do you have any other suggestions on novels similar to SNS (Magic, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance but not too much)? Any comment about anything else?

I have a fairly low level of Japanese (Around N4) but I don't mind challenges. I'm looking to improve my Kanjis and Vocabulary knowledge.

Thanks in advance for your help, and sorry if this would have been better in the SNS Sub-Section, but I thought I would get more views here.

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Old 2013-10-26, 11:36   Link #2
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I...actually used Shana as my first light novel to learn Japanese. I just dove right into it with a dictionary aid

Shana is very much full of kanji and invented terminology. There is furigana but plenty of the words don't exist in dictionaries. You have to see the individual kanji meaning

Grammar wise, it is challenging for one just starting out but it is good for learning

す べ て の 想 い に  巡 り 来 る 祝 福 を
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Old 2013-11-06, 21:51   Link #3
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uh just try it and see. there's probably book off near by right? what's 1 dollar gonna do to you.
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