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massive 4 player fighting idea need thoughts on what i have came up with so far

I know everyone has thought of a big fighter game with many greats from franchise such as (Nintendo, Capcom, Marvel, DC Comics). I have always had an idea to have a big game like this but never really put any time into thinking one up. I started writing a script and storyline for this game a few months ago. I started this project myself and a few friends thought wow this would be an amazing game and started to help me tweak it and make it better. Im not giving details on everything because I don't want to put all this time in for nothing. I have around 80 to 90 characters such as Mario, Sonic, Captain America, Superman and many more from many other franchise and they all play pig parts in the game from start to finish. there are four main starting characters I have made that are like the main characters of the game. I have full bios on them. they have to work with these new friends they have found to find another and save the world/universe from total destruction. the game isn't like a super smash bros but has some of the same concepts. it's a mix between a kingdom hearts and avenger ultimate alliance. you have a squad of four people that you have to use to save everything. over time you gain more and more people and the tasks and enemies get stronger and faster. you have to pick lethal combs on your team to be the most effective and take down the best. bad chemistry within your squad means your effectiveness won't be as good. yes the hardest part about the game would be getting the big companies to agree on it and to get the copyright for it. I kind of want to hear what people have to say about it and what they think so please give me some input.

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Im typing this off of my bad phone with bad internet so if something is spelled wrong or you can't tell me.
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Originally Posted by gaunder32 View Post
Im not giving details on everything because I don't want to put all this time in for nothing.
That what you will miss.You won't even show us a video or screenshot,how do we know whatever it will work or not.And do check it out steam greenlight and see if there are allready have this kind of idea or not.

And really,even you can create this game and release it,it wouldn't be too special since many have done this idea before long time ago.
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