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The Memory of Eldurīm (PC) (?)


The Memory of Eldurīm is an action-oriented, open world RPG. Battle, collect loot, and explore the vast original fantasy world.
Reasons to Believe

CryTek has never given a license for their engine to anyone except the big dogs—until now. Learn why The Memory of Eldurim will be the first exception—the only indie game ever to receive a CryTek license.

The Vision and the Need

Today’s market is dominated by companies who use video games to get more money, rather than money to make greater games. We are not businessmen. We are creators. And we have already begun to make a game that is not about money, but rather about changing you and your buddies’ comments from “Yeah, that’s a cool game. I wish they’d do ‘x’ though.” To “That’s just what I always wished someone would do,” or even, “That was MY IDEA—I talked to them on the forums and they put it into the game!” This game is about a good old fashioned time, and so while it has the fundamentals (which you can skip to here if you want), it also has these features which we have to admit—if we say so ourselves—are pretty awesome:

A community of creators - our memory of how brilliant ideas among friends can be - we'll listen and implement, even adjust the order of implementation, per the desires of the community.
Frequent and free updates - Be a part of the development process as the game grows. Don't wait for DLCs. You buy the game once and you get all updates for free forever.
The memory of where we come from - We are gamers like you, which means that the indie spirit is blended with our license for CryTek.
The Midas Touch - Which comes from the indie spirit - the difference, for instance, between a combat system that is "enough for an RPG" and a combat system that reflects our hunger for more epic, intelligent, and dynamic duels.

Steam Greenlight

Pre-Alpha demo
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