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Old 2014-07-20, 13:02   Link #1
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A thought on Anime and Manga fandom

Anime blogs, the easiest way to pile up your negative emotions. It's not uncommon to see blogger rage, disappointed, grief, pessimistic, sarcasm,...

However, to the small number of Manga blogs, it's not that bad. They usually and keenly review every chapter of their favorite series, while less likely to talk about their hate one.

Widening everything, and we could see the same with this forum.

So, my question is: Why Anime fandom is easier to get pissed than Manga fandom?

Here are a few reasons that I could think of:

- With manga, you either pick a new one due to randomness or reading someone recommend. And every series need a period of to prove itself. With anime, there is always this pre-build hype, which can backlash if the show is bad.

- Anime is a much more complicated art - There are so many elements pack in it. And when one go wrong, it could still lead to a lot of rage.

- You could read only action Shonen or romance Shoujo for the rest of your life, but if you're an anime audience, it's likely that you'd watch a plaenthora of genres. Which lead to you create an 'universal standard' instead one that fit directly to the genre (e.g deep character development in action thriller,...)

- Elistism (but let's not discuss this. We've got 4 threads for this.)

- It's always take less time to read 5 chapters of manga instead of one anime episode. Plus the resources to pursue your favorite series.

(Also, I still could not fanthom the common view of Anglosphere and their bias toward adaptions of typical Shonen manga.)
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Old 2014-07-20, 15:10   Link #2
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I think it's because manga blogs are less common:

Why read a manga blog, when you can read the manga itself? (mostly applies to recaps)
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Old 2014-07-20, 17:36   Link #3
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Manga is more diverse, and easier to effectively sample in a short period of time. So it's probably a lot easier for manga fans to find something that suits them really well than it is for anime fans to find that.

This is just a small example, but it's a lot easier for me to find good yuri in manga than it is for me to find good yuri in anime. And even when I encounter manga yuri that disappoints me a bit, it's a "5 minutes of my life situation" rather than a "25-to-75 minutes of my life situation" (if a manga can hold your attention for more than 5 minutes, it's almost certainly pleasing you at some level at least). The more a person feels that they've wasted their time on something that they didn't enjoy, the more such a person is likely to be upset about it, and want to vent a bit.
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