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Old 2013-01-23, 11:13   Link #81
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well, the most melancholic song from 2011 for me is Connect from Madoka Magica. Yes, it may sound upbeat the first time, but you can hear the crying in the song if you pay more attention. The same applies to Wareta Ringo. I think it's the way the melody is structured, especially during the chorus.

then again, i'm no expert on music :P
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Old 2013-01-23, 21:48   Link #82
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Originally Posted by pinoscotto View Post
and there is "from the new world" too (the 2nd movement was played 3-4 times and i think the 4th will be played too)
Not to mention the very track Solace is praising comes from the first minute of the 1st movement.
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Old 2013-01-24, 09:56   Link #83
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I don't know, this was okay, very good, excellent even but I somehow didn't like it as much as I expected to? I think it's probably because I more or less knew what the letter was going to say and nothing else of importance really happened either. And that insert didn't work for me. Not the song, nor the visuals. I would have liked to see some shady squealer and co. stuff in the background while the letter was being read or something instead I guess. Meh.

I hope that's not the new ED but I must say that having Maria's VA sing the new ED is an eyebrow-raising choice to begin with, even if it turns out to be another song that's hopefully going to match the show's mood better as it reaches the climax.
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Old 2013-01-24, 11:21   Link #84
AS Oji-kun
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I doubt it's an accident that Kanazawa's music label appears to be Sony. See

The labels associated with production committees have often used anime as a vehicle for publicizing their performers.
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Old 2013-01-27, 17:36   Link #85
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Maria's letter to Saki exposes how much of a crapsaccharine world the Earth has become at the time of main character's generation.

Going from what Saki interpreted in her last dream about the faceless boy warning her not to do, either Maria has died or someday she (Maria) will go berserk leaving no other choice but to kill her.

The current arc closes with Saki and Satoru practically tying their knot after all what they have been through.

Next episode starts the third and final arc of the storyline.
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Old 2013-01-27, 20:09   Link #86
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I liked the old ED too. The new is good too. I think they are both happy but at the same time have a negative feel to them. The new one is like a bad omen.

Reminds me of Madoka's OP...
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