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Old 2007-06-04, 18:35   Link #1
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Magic Knight Rayearth... anyone?

I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there who liked Magic Knight Rayearth by CLAMP as much as I do.

No one around here likes it very much, but I love it to death.

So I was looking for any fellow fans. Thank you very much!
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Old 2007-06-05, 00:28   Link #2
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I love the sega saturn video game, and the US version has a notebook story telling that alot of people didnt like.

but i dont think I'll ever read the manga :x
chobits is probably the only clamp manga I'll ever read.
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Old 2013-03-14, 19:52   Link #3
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I've long known about this series, even as far back as the late 90s. When Anime & Manga were becoming popular, I was looking into other anime and manga series other than Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z. Especially when I was starting to pick up the mangas of both at my local comic shop. I heard about Magic Knight Rayearth through a small AD in the back of a PC Gamer Magazine, though the AD was for the game itself. The story did intrigue me and I began doing some research on the series. Though I couldn't get much info on the series itself because I wasn't connected online at home until summer of 2000. A few artbook pictures and some screenshots of the Anime was all I could get, as well as a long text that gave a brief summary of the series. Strange enough, my local comic shop didn't have the Manga series available but had the first few episodes of the Anime (original Japanese version with english subs) available for rent. I rented the first cassette and.....I really disliked it. The art was terrible (IMHO, at the risk of angering fans of the anime) and the way the story was presented it didn't grab my interest. The Manga still interested me, but I was only able to read a few chapters here and there (one of them through an issue of "MixxZine" that my sister picked up). My local comic shop never got around to stocking up on the manga version, of course I could have bought them online but as I said before I had no internet connection at home and I wasn't aware of Right Stuff international (which I don't think they existed at that time).

Oddly enough, despite discovering Right Stuff International and *finally* getting internet access at home at 2000, I lost interest in the series for one reason or another. It wasn't until several years later my brother decided to order the first 3 volumes at Right Stuff, and after reading wasn't what I'd thought it'd be. I was expecting something a bit more serious (Like Sailor Moon, or rather the manga version at least). It wasn't that I disliked it, but I felt that there were just too many comedy bits in it and there was too much bickering. Especially with Umi (whom I regard as the "Kurogane" of the series). And that is where I left off, at the end of Volume 3. The ending did come off as a surprising twist, though it was also a bit confusing as well. But the second 3 volumes helped put the ending (and the events in the first 3 volumes) into better perspective. But it wasn't until a week ago I *finally* read the second 3 volumes and finished the series.

About a couple weeks ago I was digging through some old mangas in a box and came across the first 3 volumes. I enjoyed them more than when I first read them years ago because I looked at them from a different perspective. I decided to order the second 3 volumes online (not easy to do since many online shops actually ran out of the second 3 volumes and were on backorder. I resorted to E-baying the damn things) and read through it the day it arrived. And I remembered staying up all night and into sunrise, reading the whole thing. IMHO the second 3 volumes were *alot* better, and much more emotionally driven. The Girls were better developed, especially Umi (thank god! Though she did have her moments.) and it did put the pillar system into question. When I first read through the series, I thought Zagato was the series' villain, but as I read through the second 3 volumes I came to realize that he wasn't the real villain, but rather a victim in some ways. It was the damn pillar system that was the real protagonist. I'm glad I finished the series.

All in all, I think Magic Knight Rayearth is Clamp's best work. Strangely enough, even though I knew about the series years ago it took me +14 Years to finish the series through. Even though the series did end with a finished feel, and on a high note, I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to this series. Though the chances of that are rather slim (a "Snowball's chance in Hell" slim), XXXHolic is getting a manga sequel so it's always a possibility.
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