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Old 2013-04-07, 14:07   Link #1
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Anime/Manga with an 'epic' schoolteacher as protagonist

These kind of stories seem to almost always are in the top-tier of what I enjoy. Looking for a story that features a really great sensei main character, such as Negi (Negima), Onizuka (GTO), Kagami (Denpa Kyoushi), or Nozomu (Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei)
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Old 2013-04-07, 15:59   Link #2
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How about Assassination Classroom?
Originally Posted by Baka-Updates
The story is about class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Middle School where every morning they greet their sensei with a massive firing squad. The sensei is a weird combination of an alien and a octopus that moves at speeds of mach-20. It turns out this creature was responsible for the destruction of the moon, rendering it forever in a crescent shape. He has announced that he will destroy the world in 1 year. The creature will teach class 3-E how to assassinate him before the year is over.
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Old 2013-04-07, 18:41   Link #3
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The Gokusen manga is better than all the ones you listed, TC.
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Old 2013-04-07, 20:10   Link #4
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Jigoku Sensei Nube

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Old 2013-04-08, 07:10   Link #5
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Hammer time!
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Old 2013-04-09, 05:18   Link #6
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Gokusen is already listed. So I second to that. You won't regret it.
Another one is Dragon Zakura(Yui Arakagi was there). I watch the live-action for both of the series.

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Old 2013-08-18, 09:13   Link #7
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I almost forgot about Nube!
I also loved Dragon Zakura -- Abe-san is a bad@** teacher. I like his unconventional style. Not as unconventional as Onizuka but unusual
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