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Beelzebub blues

Well when Gintama ended a while back (before it semi-rebooted), I was looking for something to take it's place...Enter Beelzebub, which isn't really on the same level, but it did have Gintoki's VA as the main character so there was that, but something strange happened...

I somehow fell in love with the show, and to make a long story short, despite it turning into a filler hell clusterfart at the end, I'm going to miss it, especially the camaraderie between the characters, because it gave me that tingly good feeling inside I used to have in the late 90's when I first started watching anime...

So I'm looking for a show with the same level of comedy, action, and slice of life dynamic, which isn't too serious but certain arcs can and should be... I'm a shonen Centurion, so i have seen a lot...

I'm probably leaning more toward:

recent but looks and//or feels likes it's from the 90's shonen-anime

rather than

actual 90's early 2000's shonen-anime

since I've probably seen everything except for what's under the cracks...

So please suggest...

I would give rep points, but, well, animesuki has gone the way of the null-verse...

I had 7 rep dots BTW^^...
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