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Old 2013-03-23, 14:56   Link #1
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Looking for a anime similar to the 3 listest below

i have finished watching Bleach and are now looking for a new one.
The ones listed below is the ones i have seen so far, im looking for something similar to one of thoese.
But dont mention Naruto or full alchemist metal. did not find them interresting.

Death Note
High School Of The Death
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Old 2013-03-23, 16:58   Link #2
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Kore wa Zombi-

...... it's all full of death gods... Try Soul Eater or something.

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Old 2013-03-23, 18:25   Link #3
Cross Game - I need more
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YuYu Hakusho?

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Old 2013-03-23, 18:40   Link #4
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Did you try both versions of FMA? Because they differ. What exactly didn't you like?


Bleach = Yu Yu Hakusho (Kubo was influenced by it), D.Gray Man (there are quiet a lot of similarities. Main hero is killing Akuma's who are similar to Hollows and Noah family reminds a bit of Arrancars.) Air Gear (Main hero just like Ichigo develops very fast). 07-Ghost (Main villain is like Aizen who knows it all and manipulates people, they even have same seiyu. Actually most of characters are similar and have same voice actors).

Death Note = Code Geass (Anti MC), Aoi Bungaku series (tiny stories, done by same company), Bakuman (same author but this time it is comedy about manga industry), Jigoku Shoujo (both series deal with the same theme "Is it alright to kill bad people?"), Monster (detective series with lots of mind twists).

HOTD = Mirai Nikki (action, lots of blood, some romance), Baccano (bloody action), Claymore (bloody action with monsters instead of zombies), Ga-Rei Zero (bloody action, enemies are something similar to zombies), Psycho-Pass (just finished airing, bloody, entertaining series. Gives Death Note vibes as well).

Since you didn't specify what you liked about those 3, I just tried to name the ones that have some things in common.
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Old 2013-03-23, 19:51   Link #5
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Thank you all for the quick responds
I will be looking into the animes you have posted
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