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Old 2004-04-17, 13:02   Link #1
Summon Lord
Join Date: Apr 2004
Join My Naruto Crew!!

Well, I'm not sure how many of you play Outwar but its an online turnbased game. You have a character and you try to get people to click on your secret link. For every person that clicks on your link you become more powerful. The more power you have, the more money you get per turn. Every turn is one hour so you have an hour in realtime to decide what you want to do such as attack other players, buy weapons, armor or other items, and go on adventures. It's quite fun. So anyways, I'm starting a crew and crew is a bunch of people that help each other. When you attack someone, theres a chance one of your crew members will help you out and the same with defending. You can go to war with other crews and go on crew adventures. So if anyone is interested in playing and joining my Crew just [Link Removed by your friendly neighbourhood Dranz] to start a charcter then just leave me a message that you want to join my Crew, Hidden Leaf Village of Konoha via message me in out war or by responding to this post. Thanks to all who join and lets have fun!
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Old 2004-04-17, 13:08   Link #2
Join Date: May 2003
Lookie lookie.

It seems that I caught myself a fresh water outwar trout! A very common fish that likes to post at forums about joining their stupid clan game.

Good thing I know how to deal with them.
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