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Old 2017-02-12, 16:38   Link #1
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Monster Hunter - Kari no Okite [Light Novel]

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Original Title: モンスターハンター 狩りの掟
Alternative Title: Monster Hunter - Commandment of the Hunt
Author: Yuuki Rin
Illustrator: Shigeto Koyama
Publisher: Famitsu Bunko
Volumes: 4
Status: Complete

Synopsis by SaveSaer (Reddit User)
In a prehistoric fantasy world, giant beasts roam the land.
The humans' only defense against such beasts are the Monster Hunters, powerful warriors who could fell dangerous beasts several times their size.
Zeeg Grandest is one such hunter, albeit a novice. Completing his training, he heads to the city, seeking fame and fortune.
There, he realizes that he still has much to learn, both about his career and the world. Through the battles alongside his comrades, the boy will learn what it truly means to be a Monster Hunter.
A novel adaptation of Capcom's third best-selling video game series. I'm a fan of the games, so I enjoyed it even though the translated parts haven't reached the action yet. The first chapter captures the games' atmosphere very well.

A user on GameFAQS has recently started doing a fan translation, and they plan to host it somewhere after completing at least one volume.

Fan Translation:

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Old 2017-02-12, 19:21   Link #2
Wonder Wind
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This is awesome.
Big MH fan here.

Respect the Earth! If not... Who knows? You might get cursed... heh heh~
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Old 2017-02-12, 21:09   Link #3
Yandere Otoko Ruki-tan
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Let's hunt the monster!!! I'm big fan!!!
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Old 2017-02-13, 02:55   Link #4
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Usual questions.

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Old 2017-02-16, 00:13   Link #5
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Huh, I didn't notice that the first scene of Ch.2 has been uploaded.
It's mostly to introduce the three other main(?) characters, but it's pretty entertaining to read.

According to the translator, the actual hunt will begin in the next scene. I'm really looking forward to it.
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Old 2017-03-08, 16:26   Link #6
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Caught up with all of the translated chapters. It's... pretty interesting.

Chapter 2's fight scene is powerful, but it's pretty unexpected coming from the games. It's a bit closer to real hunting than in-game hunting.
Also didn't expect the story to go "political" in Chapter 4, but it does spice things up quite a bit.
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