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Old 2014-09-26, 15:29   Link #1
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D.back up

ANN just posted an article relating to this. Apparently, it is an anime original project.


Text: The mission bestowed by software with its own will. That is... to restore the world.
Text: Inside the box of knowledge. When the will exceeds the mission, a new world will come alive.
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Director/Scriptwriter: Fumihiko Shimo


I think there was a previous source relating to this as well.
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Old 2014-09-26, 15:55   Link #2
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If AniBD is to be trusted it will be a movie series. The main director will be Ishihama Masashi (Shin Sekai Yori) while Shimo will direct the first one. I wonder how his first experience as director will be?
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Old 2014-09-26, 16:56   Link #3
Dr. Dahm
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I'm trying to figure out when exactly A-1 Pictures seemingly became the first stop go to choice for adaptation projects, but it really feels like it's practically a 50/50 chance now they'll do any adaptation project be it immediately upon announcement or shortly after. Maybe the rumors of the 600 hour work months at the studio aren't for nothing and they just literally never ever stop working.

I always thought Fumihiko Shimo was a woman for some reason, but I guess not. Other than that not much to comment on since the trailer didn't actually show any work in progress. I guess I could say I'm not really a fan of vocaloid music and I have absolutely no idea what this project is even about in the slightest because they didn't even provide a plot summary. In any case this looks like the next big project where they take an idea with potential, throw a whole bunch of staffers with previous hits into a room (I count Air, Clannad, Kanon, Shingeki no Kyojin [the guy only actually did the 2nd opening but hell yeah they're going to put it in there]) together and see what happens and I'm sure we'll get the advertising blitzkrieg and hyping before long. If this turns out to be an action based project than in before Hiroyuki Sawano or Yuki Kajiura is announced as composer.
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Old 2014-09-27, 13:34   Link #4
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A-1 Pictures has typically done good work with sci-fi series so far (Birdy, Aldnoah), so I'm gonna stay positive about this one for the time being. Wanted to add that I have noticed that sometimes their pacing/writing isn't quite as tight with original works, but we'll see.
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Old 2014-09-27, 15:25   Link #5
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Shinsekai yori dude ?

come on , i sign right now
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