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Old 2013-04-13, 23:48   Link #1
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MC introduced to new "world"

Hey y'all.

Im looking fora new good anime series to watch.
Something involving the MC living in the normal world, when they "encounter", or are brought to a new one (by world, It could mean a different dimension, or a parellell one), or something similar to the following:

Familiar of Zero/Zero no Tsukaima
Flaming Eyes Shana/Shakugan no Shana
A dark Rabbit has seven Lives
11 Eyes
Ambition of Oda Nabuna/Oda Nabuna no Yabou
Asthetica of a Rogue Hero/Hagure Yuusha

11E was okay, but the first two listed were some of my favorite anime. If you have any suggestions, please do post!

Oh, and nothing too sexual, or too old. I don't like older animation styles. (Im picky)


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Old 2013-04-13, 23:55   Link #2
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The Twelve Kingdoms
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Old 2013-04-14, 00:16   Link #3
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Two come to mind:

Oda Nobuna no Yabou
Dog Days (Both seasons)

And technically, there's also Hagure Yuusha (but that gets a bit more sexual)
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Old 2013-04-14, 01:06   Link #4
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Uh, I've actually seen Oda Nabuna and Hagure Yuusha....

Forgot about those, but thats what I get for posting this at about midnight.
Ill edit the post, but I'll say Oda Nabuna was a good suggestion! XD
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Old 2013-04-14, 01:46   Link #5
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Originally Posted by jedinat View Post
Seconding this.

Suggesting highly Madoka★Magica, maybe Astarotte no Omocha!, and Accel World assuming a hidden vast digital world is acceptable.
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Old 2013-04-14, 09:03   Link #6
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Another vote for Twelve Kingdoms. It is one of the classic anime TV series and exactly what you are looking for. It starts slowly but becomes really compelling around episode six.

I'll also suggest Dennou Coil. Although the main characters largely remain in the real world and dabble in the virtual world, eventually they have to venture into the virtual world to resolve their pasts.

In Noein two parallel universes are engaged in a conflict that threatens to involve the earth. In true anime fashion, the crux of the conflict is a twelve-year-old girl living in Hokkaido. She travels to both universes over the course of the story. The rather atrocious English dub is streamed at YouTube.

In Mahou Shoujotai Arusu, young "Alice" (Arusu) falls into a magical world. While she wants everyone to use magic for good purposes, in the magical world darker forces have a different purpose in mind. (This show is on the verge of being entirely out-of-print. Last I looked there were a few copies at Amazon.)

The "other world" in Ikeko Meiro no Croisee is 19th century Paris, but it might as well be Mars to 16-year-old Yune. They eat such strange things there like cheese. Another fish-out-of-water show featuring a Japanese character in Europe is Ristorante Paradiso, though the young women is in her early twenties.
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Old 2013-04-14, 14:50   Link #7
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Well thanks guys! Ill definetly be sure to check out some of these shows.

I've heard about a few of these already, so I'll definetly have some stuff to watch for a while.

Ill still take any suggestions though, I burn through anywhere from 3-10 episodes a day, not to mention having the day off tomorrow....
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Old 2013-04-14, 21:17   Link #8
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Because you must.
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Old 2013-04-14, 21:29   Link #9
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this season, it will be Hataraku Maou sama
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Old 2013-04-14, 23:03   Link #10
Urzu 7
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If you like the occasional light hearted anime that just makes you feel good, I recommend Dog Days. If you like kemonomimi characters (humans with animal ears and animal tails), you absolutely have to check out Dog Days. It has two seasons, and is getting a third season this year.

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Season 1 website:

Season 2 website:
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