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Old 2013-05-08, 13:53   Link #81
temporary safeguard
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Chiibi, you never told us you were an anime character!
All this time I thought you were 3D.

Wait... you were actually... tempted once?
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Old 2013-05-08, 19:08   Link #82
Lolli for loli :D
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Originally Posted by Dhomochevsky View Post
Chiibi, you never told us you were an anime character!
It's funny you should mention that because my friends have referred to me as "the closest thing to".

But that last post was a misunderstanding.
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Originally Posted by Dwalin View Post
I noticed many people on internet hate romances between childhood friends. What's sad is that they don't just dislike specific pairings of specific characters, but hate this type of pairings in general, only because it's love between childhood friends. People often get so mad that they even write fanfictions where childhood friends are evil and selfish individuals while the "other woman" (or man) is a kind person with a heart of gold. For example, people are constantly bashing Akira from the "Ufo Baby" anime (don't know if you watched it) and that kind of behavior makes me extremely sad and depressed.
People sometimes say they don't like childhood friend characters because they are one-dimensional and just watch silently as the main character gets with somebody else instead of acting on their feelings. But, if they DO act, then they are labeled as evil [censored] who stand in the way of the other heroine. No matter how they behave, many people seem just to hate the concept of staying with the first love for the rest of the life. Don't know, maybe they consider this outdated for the modern society and this is the saddest thing.
I would like to ask: what do people on this forum think about this kind of romance? I personally like it much more than love stories between people who met as adults because if the bond is established in an innocent period such as childhood, there is a guarantee it's really love and not just lust. I think the love formed between two children that last throughout their lives is one of the best things ever, even though it's so rare...
Oh I don't depends on the situation and whether the show calls for it.

Sometimes, the whole childhood thing works, sometimes it doesn't. I kind of like it too because it does establish something more to a character.
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