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Old 2013-05-03, 07:45   Link #1
Toddler Naruto
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Question HDMI Cable Advice?

I need help finding a reliable 8-10 ft HDMI cable that will last for many years, but won't cost me more than $30...can anyone here please help me out?

The HDMI cable would have to be male-to-male, with both audio and ethernet return (optional).
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monoprice has what you're looking for. an example of the cable i'm sure you are looking for. i'm not sure what you mean by looking for an hdmi with ethernet. they're used for sending audio and video signals. unless you mean HEC (HDMI Ethernet Channel). then this cable is what you're looking for. of course you can look at their other HDMI cable selections.

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Old 2013-05-07, 14:04   Link #3
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buy the cheapest one you can find, the monoprice ones seem like a decent deal

unless you severely assault the cable with sharp tools regularly, it won't break, and any HDMI cable is as good as any other
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