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fantasy romance comedy

Hi everyone. Thanks for reading my question.

I'm looking for a very romantic to the point of sappy fantasy anime with some comedy in it. The anime MUST be OVER 30 episodes and the main characters MUST be middle school age or older. It also MUST have fantasy or magic. I like harem, ecchi and tsundre but they aren't a must. My favorite series and why I love them.

Zero no tsukaima

I loved the romance, harem, tsundre, magic school, friendships

Shakugan no shana

I loved the romance (although a bit slow) fantasy, school life, action

Fushigi yuugi

I loved the romance, adventure, fantasy, tragedy

Graphics I do not like

Fruits basket
Ah my goddess
Fairy tail

Other anime I've seen

Sailor moon
Full moon wo sagashite
Saiunkoku (romance wayyy too slow)
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Old 2013-05-09, 15:06   Link #2
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The only one that I could come up with that fulfils most of your requirements is Hanasakeru Seishounen. The soap opera-esque and melodrama qualities are similar to the sappy romance anime that you are searching for. It is also longer than 30 episodes.

If you are aiming mainly for the sappy factor and could forgo the two other requirements - fantasy and 30+episodes, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien would be ideal.
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Try Sword Art Online.
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