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Old 2013-05-11, 17:26   Link #1
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Class of Heroes 2

A couple months ago, Gaijinworks held a sign-up drive to see if there was enough interest in a physical edition of Class of Heroes 2 for the PlayStation Portable. Fans responded by voting for more than 2700 copies!

Late last month the pre-sale started for the physical edition. It ends on Sunday 12 May, 11:59 PM PST. After this, it will be impossible to order it. Except maybe from some scalper...

Currently more than 2400 copies have been ordered, which is close to the 2500 minimum needed to break even on the print run. If this is successful, more PSP games will get the same treatment and other companies might follow suit.

Get your copy today, before it's too late!
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Old 2013-05-12, 07:48   Link #2
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Already got mines. Victor uploaded a great video of a quest, game has some hype boss music:

Don't forget, this is effectively supporting a new Working Designs-style localization too, as the head of Gaijinworks was the head of Working Designs.
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Old 2013-05-12, 09:13   Link #3
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Available for only one more day? So, where's the link that describes the actual game? ^^;;

edit: Ok, found the site- should've gone for the totally obvious name.

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