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Old 2013-05-14, 19:04   Link #1
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One Piece - Chapter 709 [manga] (NOTE: NO CHAPTER FOR TWO WEEKS)

Welcome to the weekly manga discussion thread for One Piece.

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Okay, NOW it's time to get this show on the road! Credit goes to Aohige, Redon, and the others at AP for the spoilers:

-Chapter title is "King Punch". The ministory involves the old lady, who, mistaking Caribou for her grandson, tells him to give up on fighting and to flee the island.

-Bartolomeo finishes off Hack. There are now 24 combatants left in B-block, and we next focus on Ricky vs. Blue Gilly. During the fight, it's revealed that the sword Ricky uses has a dull blade. However, the long-legged martial artist takes down the former gladiator, who curses his old age, the cheering of the crowd, and..... Doflamingo.

-After beating Ricky, Blue Gilly continues to take down the fighters protecting King Elizabello, along with Dagama. It turns out that the strategist had employed Gilly from the beginning! However, the egg man is prepared to betray Gilly as well, who catches on to his plot. The long-leg then takes him down, and says he never trusted Dagama from the beginning.

-Meanwhile, Bellamy is faring poorly against Bartolomeo, who keeps reflecting his attacks back at him. Interestingly, Luffy is actually cheering Bellamy on. Meanwhile, Blue Gilly and the remaining fodder are ready to attack Elizabello. At the same time Gilly is about to take down the king with a special technique, Bellamy figures out a method to counter Barto's power. However...... the king finally unleashes his King Punch, which turns out to be so powerful that it knocks EVERYONE ELSE out of the ring!

....That is, except for one other contestant: BARTOLOMEO! He shielded himself from the king's attack with a barrier, and is revealed to be a user of the Bari Bari (barrier) fruit! He then projects said barrier to knock the king out of the ring. Barto is then declared the winner of the B-block! He then says that he intends to win the Mera Mera fruit in order to deliver it to a certain person.....

-We then cut to Franky and the one-legged toy man. As it turns out, the toy also intends to destroy the Smile factory, as he wants to rescue the laborers there. However, he also warns that assaulting the factory could potentially bring the country to ruin. He then tells Franky to follow him if he's prepared to face Doflamingo, and is also willing to reveal Dressrosa's darkest secrets to him......

Well, I'm not really surprised at the outcome of the battle, but I'm actually pretty surprised that some fighters lasted as long as they did (particularly Blue Gilly and Dagama). Also pretty surprised that Ricky was taken out so soon, but at least it's still implied that he is Kyros. And poor Bellamy, getting eliminated before he had the chance to beat Barto..... what a troll indeed. Still, rather enjoyed learning that Luffy cheered ohim on. Man, it's kinda weird to think that the two of them may become friends after what transpired in Jaya.....

Anyway, time to guess who Barto's working for: I'm gonna put my money on Blackbeard. Kaidou might be a more obvious choice to some, but somehow I don't see that being the case. And while we already have Burgess in the tournament, my guess is that he's meant to be a red herring of sorts. Like maybe Barto is the one who's meant to win the fruit for Teach and Burgess is just fighting for the challenge or something. At least, that's my guess.....

As for the toy soldier, it seems he also knows about Dofla's past. But I wonder what connection he has to the former warlord in the first place.....?

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Bastard, getting my hopes up...
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Old 2013-05-15, 00:04   Link #3
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Originally Posted by Randrak42 View Post
Bastard, getting my hopes up...

Pfft, how naive you are! Think I'd give up the goods that easily!?

Well, not that it matters since the spoiler summary is out now.
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Old 2013-05-15, 00:14   Link #4
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Aww.... kinda sad that Bellamy was eliminated so quickly.... not much time to redeem himself...
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Old 2013-05-15, 01:43   Link #5
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Originally Posted by SOGESNAKE View Post
Aww.... kinda sad that Bellamy was eliminated so quickly.... not much time to redeem himself...
I don't think thats it for the guy, hey'll likely try and help out Luffy as much as possible in this arc, why else bring him back and show him off like that?

I don't know if Bart works for BlackBeard, he already has one of his men in the tournament, what else does he need another one? I'm guessing the later, if I'm right guess Oda wants some thing too foreshadow that arc but didn't think it'd be this soon.

I hope we get another hint as to who Bart's working for soon.

That part about Franky intrests me too, sounds like hey'll be the one to fight Dof first, or at least do some thing big against him. I'm glad Franky is getting a big part this arc, he hasn't really done much these past few arcs so YAY!! Guess, next chapter will be about him. Hopefully after that will get more chapters about what the others are up to, than back to the tournament. Funny how a lot of these subplots lead back to Dof some way, Sanji's/Franky's?? Maybe Nami next?? I'm thinking one of his men is on the ship, friend or foe? Who knows. Zoro's plot is the most confusing out of the bunch, doesn't sound connected to Dof at all.

Over all, good chapter and I can't wait to see Luffy fight next or Cav and Rebecca
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Bellamy actually put up a good fight.

After he figured out his punches are useless, he grappled Barto with his spring-loaded arm.
Barto was struggling to free himself from the grip, but Bellamy smiled and told him to not underestimate the strength of a spring.

That's when he noticed something really bad was happening behind him... the King Punch was about to be unleashed.
The punch instantly knocked out Gilly, Bellamy, and everyone else (except for the barrier-man of course)

If it wasn't for the King Punch, Bellamy may have gotten a lick or two in.
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Old 2013-05-15, 03:25   Link #7
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Bartolomeo is a revolutionary and he is getting the fruit for either Sabo ( a strong revolutionary officer and a close friend of him) or Dragon.

I called it here guys .
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wow! Bari Bari fruit... so it also can be used for attacking...
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Man this chapter was fantastic. For a second there, I thought the king's punch was going to end up as a cheap crappy, joke but hoho boy was I wrong. I'd love to the king fire one at a Yonkou to see if it would KO one if it actually connected, or maybe even Akainu. Assuming the king is still alive. And as Bellamy keeps becoming a more likeable character, so does Bart, at least for me. He's kinda like Dio from Jojo's, I love hating that jerkass.
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ronin myael
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that was some punch!

luffy cheering for bellamy was just typical luffy.

so who is bartolomeo working for? blackbeard?
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I have to wonder what the limitations of Bartelomeo's fruit power is. As seemingly invincible of a defense as it appears, there has to be a way to get around it aside from sea water/stone. I guess Haki may be able to disrupt it like logia powers.

But yeah, this is pretty much the result a lot of us were expecting for this block of the tournament.

Curious about what the toy soldier is going to tell Franky. Perhaps we'll find out next week?
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I can't imagine that those barriers will hold up against a barrage of haki-reinforced punches. And even if they do to some degree, it wouldn't hurt Luffy because of the haki armor+rubber protection.

At any rate, Bartolomeo won the block as expected, the way he was introduced kinda foreshadowed that.
Which means it's finally time for Luffy to participate, this should be good. Will he take it easy or go all-out? Will he try to stay incognito or give himself away somehow? How is he going to deal with the Don? (who is gunning for him so taking it easy probably isn't an option anyway) Can't wait to see what will happen, and how he will inevitably shock the crowd!
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is there an importance to the old knight being beaten?
I believe he will play a bigger part in this yet...
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What is up with Luffy cheering for Belamy?? Especially since Belamy may have done some serious damage in Skypiea..

Wonder if the fairies and the puppets are related somehow. Maybe the fairies hearts were placed in the puppets to bring them to life? When it comes to the factory, having workers in limited bodies would make managing them a lot easier, especially if its against their will.

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Mad respect for Kingy. He packed a real punch and destroyed the endlessly annoying (and supremely ugly) Blue Gilly, not to mention every else left...expect for Barty of course. edit: I predict Barty is working for/with...Buggy! I base this entirely on the awful pants Barty is wearing...

As an aside, I think I've figured out why I dislike many of the recent characters (especially Barty and Blue Gilly): the designs try to hard. There's nothing really interesting about the designs (baring a few), and it seems Oda just threw a bunch of previous design elements together to create new characters. I like weird and silly designs, and Oda can do some great weird and silly designs, but the recent effort just feels to stilted and forced to me.

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The only highlight of this chapter is that Bari Bari fruit. The user of that fruit might be a good candidate for a new nakama for the Strawhat pirates.
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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
Mad respect for Kingy. He packed a real punch and destroyed the endlessly annoying (and supremely ugly) Blue Gilly

Someone's still in denial over those sexy legs, I see.

But yeah, I'm real glad to see that the king's punch really was no joke. I still doubt that it's powerful enough to take out a yonkou like Dagama said earlier, but it certainly does get the job done on even moderately tough guys like Bellamy. Still too bad he got hit by it before he had the chance to take down Barto. And speaking of which:

Originally Posted by Trax View Post
I can't imagine that those barriers will hold up against a barrage of haki-reinforced punches. And even if they do to some degree, it wouldn't hurt Luffy because of the haki armor+rubber protection.

I'm curious about the strength of Barto's barriers, as well. Like, is it an even greater defense than Jozu's diamond fruit or Tekkai from Rokushiki? Still, notice that it seems to have a weakness against grappling moves. In other words, Robin would probably be the deadliest opponent for him!
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When I saw the barrier, my first thought was of the underrated manga series Kekkaishi. It would be cool if Barty had similar powers as Yoshimori and Yokine (that would also make Barty extremely powerful).
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Gotta admit that punch looked petty powerful. Enough to take down a yonkou in one hit though? Not so sure about that. As expected, Bartolomeo won the block. His DF power is pretty interesting. Reminds me of that villain in Tiger & Bunny. Forgot his name.
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BTW, I think it would have been even more troll-tastic if Barto's barriers resembled the shield weapons from the Mega Man games (particularly the Leaf Shield).
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