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Old 2013-05-18, 19:06   Link #21
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Maybe the OP means dystopian anime?

Because that I can see....

Otherwise, I think most of us don't watch anime for reality
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Old 2013-05-18, 22:17   Link #22
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It does not even have to be a horror/world ending type of thing, it seem if it is a normal, modern day anime post high school era, there will be at least a passing mention of a tough economy. One of the wacky one I saw was a manga where the Hero (RPG style-TM) was preparing to go on a journey to fight the overlord, but the economy collapsed so now he is working in a 7-11. I mean, really?

In prior era, like Love Hina, it used to be as long as you made into a great school you are set...
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Old 2013-05-18, 22:49   Link #23
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This isn't the first time depressing works were made in tough times.

After all, consider works such as Zeta/Victory Gundam and Evangelion. A lot of it has to do with the mindset of those that made it.
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Old 2013-05-18, 23:20   Link #24
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Since the OP use Doraemon as a tool of comparison, I might have to mentioned that Nobita (the MC) is harassed and bullied on regular basis by Giant and Suneo. As if that’s isn’t enough, Nobita also possess the worst luck compared to all characters in the series, so troubles always managed to find him. Throw in being an academic loser that always resulted in his teacher and mother lecturing him. Doraemon has many cheerful moments but if you look into it more, Nobita’s life is one depressing stuff .

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Old 2013-05-18, 23:21   Link #25
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Japan's "Lost Decade" began in the 90s, IIRC.

Japan, like the rest of the world, has endured a weak global economy for a few years now.

So for one reason or another, Japan has gone through two solid decades of a struggling economy. I'd honestly find it really weird if Japanese-made entertainment didn't reflect this at all.

But it's not like it only explores it in a depressing way.

In both Tari Tari and Love Live!, a school is threatened to be shut down due to demographic/economic decline (amongst other factors). Both shows are nonetheless amongst the most upbeat (and at times, even inspirational) that I've seen out of anime in the last year or tow.
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Old 2013-05-21, 00:57   Link #26
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Sigh... the answer is already given. Looking at wrong demographics to begin with.

Let me take you back to my childhood.

80s.... kids watched Doraemon, Dr. Slump, Kinniku-man, various Fujiko Fujio works F and A.
Then again, we also had Gundam, Macross, Space Cobra, freakin IDEON and ZAMBOT 3 (trauma-duo) for crying out loud for the teen and older audiences.

Let's look at kids show today.
Kids shows: Pretty Cure. Jewel Pet. Yuugioh zeal. Adventure Drillland.

Yeap. Kids shows are still kids shows.
It's pretty ridiculous to be looking at say, Guilty Crown, and comparing it to DORAEMON, while at the same time overlooking stuff like Ideon.

Selection bias and comparing wrong demographics.


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