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Old 2013-05-24, 16:49   Link #321
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Join Date: Nov 2012
i wonder whats the deal with Hideauze, they never give out much info about them like how many there are, what type, why they attack human? do they eat human? fighting strength?
without knowing them i just dont know if Ledo is an idiot or he doing the right thing to fight them. well atleast we gona get more fighting
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Old 2013-05-24, 20:08   Link #322
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Originally Posted by aohige View Post
Right, kind of. I'm not really talking about disinterest in GA, but rather, Ledo's mission and Chamber.
If an alien landed in your neighborhood, he'd be drilled harder than a whore in front line battlefield.
It's even worse for the obliviousness to continue after the said alien just like instagibbed an entire fleet.

And the latter is why it matters "operationally". They don't even TRY to wrap their heads around the existence of Chamber.
To say "it doesn't matter" is ridiculous, when the said alien obviously has the capability to annihilate them if they so willed it.

It's completely and utterly illogical, and the only reason why it persist is for the sake of plot. You cannot deny that.
Yeah, it's pretty hard to swallow. I think basically any human culture, no matter how primitive or what stage of advancement they're in, will have a handful of people who are intrigued by the nature of an advanced visitor. Beyond that, leadership sure as hell better have some interest from a purely preservationist perspective, on top of their natural curiosity.
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Old 2013-05-26, 00:59   Link #323
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Join Date: Apr 2012
Chamber is like an unpiloted Mecha, similar to what they have. Like you, they'd have no way to truly understand the tech. This is a fairly common occurrence in the field of anthropology, so that's mostly the natural reaction. Pinion being sure there was someone in Chamber also follows along that line.

Quite a lot of cultures have problems taking in massively advanced technology. The humans on Gargantia have a way, but it still limits their thinking on the matter. This is still a pretty small group that's out mostly for survival.
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Old 2013-05-26, 10:57   Link #324
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You can't blame Ledo. From his PoV the thing that is in war with all humankind are left alone yet for some reason humans attack each other (which is probably unheard of in the Alliance). I probably wouldn't be able to understand their culture either.
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