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Lightbulb What is the message that Kazuma Kamachi wants to communicate?

I've been thinking about what is the purpose for Kazuma Kamachi to write the Toaru series, and it can't just be to show that through hard work good guys can prevail. So I was wondering what you guys thought?
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Marcus H.
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Each volume has Kamachi telling something to its viewers.

For example, one of the topics explored by Kamachi post-NT10 is a more frightening reaction to "with great power comes great responsibility".

Touma had thought of picking up more weapons to help close the power gap with future enemies, but Othinus had warned him that it would only make it worse for him. Similarly, Mikoto is afraid of the repercussions of picking up the Anti-Art Attachment. On a larger scale, the students of Tokiwadai are afraid of their abilities now that they discovered that the same abilities they have acquired through studying hard can be used to hurt or kill others.

You can consider that as a callout to the powercreep that is common to shounen anime and manga.

There are a lot of stuff Kamachi wants to tell us, and each volume's afterword is a good read for that very reason.
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Thanks for replying, I see what you mean and that I should pay more attention to the afterwords.
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Plenty of things. If Touma is any indication, he has a fetish for older woman with big busts.

There are also consistent themes throughout many of his works such as

challenging society's standards for what constitutes extraordinary
the nature of evil in NT 14
the innocence of children featured most prominently in child Shinobu of Zashiki Warashi
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This was discussed long time ago. This is nothing new.
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meaning, to aru majutsu no index

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