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Old 2014-03-25, 19:50   Link #621
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Man, saw a little bit and it was pretty damned refreshing. I am a pretty big moeshit fan, but too much is like drinking sugar. Which is what a lot of animu is like nowadays.

Plus SD has heartwarming parts too...
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Old 2014-03-26, 01:40   Link #622
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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
He said Cowboy Bebop was 80% serious and 20% comedy, whereas Space Dandy would be the opposite and compared it to the Bebop episode Mushroom Samba in terms of tone.
Odd, as I thought Mushroom Samba was one of the better episodes of CB, but I haven't enjoyed SD.
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Old 2014-03-27, 09:50   Link #623
Guardian Enzo
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S2 Teaser:
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Old 2014-03-29, 22:57   Link #624
Doctor Trick Yoyo, じいい~
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Episode 13-What a surreal yet nice and heartwarming episode. While it was such a simple and done before concept, this episode about AIs who gained emotions and fell in love was executed really well. It gave QT dome really nice moments while Meow fell in love with 2D girls for a day.

Seriously though. Pionium can do anything. It's pretty much become the explanation for everything in this series.

All in all a good episode. Just a weird place to stop the series for a full broadcast season...
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Old 2014-03-30, 11:16   Link #625
psycho bolt
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Overall, I believe Space Dandy is not really a ground breaking show that some people wish it was. The problem was the high expectations from the audience, who many felt disappointed.

I kind of understand what Sato is saying. He said there is no focus on story. It's all about the themes. The show is primarily episodic in nature. A lot of western cartoon shows are episodic with no deep story. I guess what Sato is trying to go for comedy Moe shows like in Japan which have no story and is episodic in nature e.g. Minami-ke, GJ club, etc, but change it to appeal for a western audience. So eventually they have to get rid most moe. Yet these are the kind of shows that are becoming more and more.

Its all really up to what the creators want to do, in the end. They wanted to create something new and different, yet follow the current tend. I feel they are trying to have unique appeal which that stands out. In it self, it is probably a blender idea. Mix mash and you get something new.

However, I think what most people wanted is not something I just described. My preferences prefer anime which great stories. The audience needs another Cowboy Bebop or Samurai Champloo type revival show, but better. In between a good overarching story and a global appeal. I think it would have helped the anime industry a little. Its been ages since we had something like this. No doubt people are angry, upset, or disappointed that we have potential creators that diverged elsewhere. Then again its also a lot of risk and thought. Most likely the creators did not want to take the burden and underdeliver. Yet I feel any show they make would stand on its own.

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Old 2014-03-30, 23:56   Link #626
Yu Ominae
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Posting this up for awesomeness. I want this as my life theme song:


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Old 2014-03-31, 08:32   Link #627
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Originally Posted by psycho bolt View Post
So eventually they have to get rid most moe.
yet the final episode stars the most moe character of them all: QT.

Seriously he is the good conscience of the show so far, and it's heartbreaking to see him like that. This episode is just enthralling and sad at the same time, and arguably one of the best final episodes from this season.
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Old 2014-03-31, 11:20   Link #628
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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The episodes focusing on the main characters have been the best, and 13 was no exception. Once again, nothing new on the horizon, but QT's brief love story was nicely told and made me sympathize with him. Also, Maker-san was pretty moe.
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Old 2014-03-31, 12:12   Link #629
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This was an excellent episode to end at, at least until we get another 13 episodes in the Summer. The second half looked fantastic too. And it really isn't much of a stretch to say that Space Dandy is the most visually impressive anime of the year so far (Although we're only 1/4 the way done).

IMHO, Space Dandy isn't the thing anime wants, but it is the thing anime needs. 8/10. See ya in Summer, baby!
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Old 2014-03-31, 14:54   Link #630
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It was a pretty nice episode. Also, Aya Hirano was sudden.
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Old 2014-03-31, 16:46   Link #631
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Originally Posted by AntonKutovoi View Post
It was a pretty nice episode. Also, Aya Hirano was sudden.
It's not really that sudden if you read the list of Japanese seiyuus that were going to guest star in Space Dandy. The tricky part was rather which episode she was going to appear in (and which character).
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Old 2014-04-01, 02:35   Link #632
Pretentious moe scholar
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Normally I'm not one to comment on shows I don't have strong feelings on, but I feel like this thread needs a moe fan's POV.

Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
It also has something to do with resentment over an anime trying to be a financial success without pandering to the small group of fans whose commercial hold over the industry has given them the sense that they call the shots - and they like it. How dare they do that? And the fact that it seems to have succeeded is just that much more fuel to the fire.
(Edit: yes, I've revised this. More than once. Because I feel my early approach was too confrontational.)

I have yet to see convincing evidence - or really any evidence, to be honest - that Watanabe's targeting to a western audience has played much of a role in the show's reception in Japan. Certainly I'm not seeing it show up in Klashikari's account of the 2ch reaction. That the resulting show may not be to the taste of your average otaku, sure. But that's not the same as not liking it because it targets someone else. For starters, it's not as petty.

I have seen some western fans criticize the show for targeting a western audience, but I see that as more of a partisan "my side can never be wrong" thing than anything else. The western fandom has a tendency to boil things down to "Japanese otaku v. typical western fans", and there's a decent number of us who, when push comes to shove, would rather throw our lots in with the otaku than with the rest of the western fandom . That some of my compatriots adopt such "my side is always right" viewpoints is in my opinion unfortunate, though in a way I totally get why they subscribe to such a world view: I can easily accept a show targeting a western audience, but I've had a few too many people espouse to me in a rude and insulting manner how the industry simply must turn away from otaku and target the western market to accept that yes, maybe it does make sense for some shows to risk targeting the western market without feeling like I'm swallowing crow.*

In other words, the negative reaction of some western fans is a product of the rivalry between moe fans and "traditional" anime fans in the West. And I really doubt that Japanese otaku would consider "traditional" western fans rivals the way western moe fans do. The two groups simply don't have enough contact with each other.

(*Hence why I reacted positively to Space Dandy being pitched as a retro sci-fi comedy by Watanabe and... didn't react positively when it was pitched as being about saving anime from moe. Because if moe is a problem, maybe I don't want to be saved.)

Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
Japanese culture is all over Space Dandy, but most of it pre-dates the period of the last few years before which most anime fans seem to think the world didn't exist. It's also mostly Japanese culture that's outside the sliver of pop culture that otaku mostly confine themselves to. Japanese films, older TV dramas, old-school anime - it's laced throughout the entire series.
This may be part of why, of the nine episode I watched, only two, four and five worked really well for me. It felt like a good deal of the fun was supposed to come from nostalgia for things I'm not honestly that nostalgic about.

(My further participation in this thread may be limited due to an upcoming exam related crunch period. But I want to get my POV out there first)

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Old 2014-04-07, 00:42   Link #633
Guardian Enzo
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The returns are in, Stateside at least.

Adult Swim and Cartoon Network drew in top rankings among boys and adult males for the quarter. Adult Swim specifically had the second most-watched first quarter in its history among adults 18-34 and was the #1 network among adults 18-34 and 18-49 and men 18-34 and 18-49 in total day.

New episode premieres of Space Dandy grew average delivery ranging between two percent and 17 percent and new episodes of Bleach grew two percent and five percent among targeted demographics in March.
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Old 2014-04-18, 10:49   Link #634
He Without a Title
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So the soundtrack is out now and I've been listening to it a bit: some good tracks there. "Gun Man Muller Hunt Oh!" reminds me of Rocky so much
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Old 2014-05-13, 06:50   Link #635
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Originally Posted by Dop View Post
The second time the box opened I did wonder for just a moment if that was Faye Valentine's tape. Except that one was a Betamax. Did like the parade of obsolete formats, though.

I did like the way that between the first box opening and the second the entire show had a heavily muted colour palette.
Floppy disk's aren't obsolete!
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Old 2014-06-28, 17:10   Link #636
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The next season of Space Dandy starts next week. Who's ready for more Dandy?
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Old 2014-07-06, 00:00   Link #637
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Got to lol at the appearances of all the Dandies, QTs, and Meows. Trippy as ever with the parallel universes and pulling cosmic strings. Emo Dandy at the end tops it all with his sidekicks.
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Old 2014-07-06, 07:40   Link #638
Myssa Rei
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LOL At how the Emo Dandy was the one that was left. That said, it was a GREAT start to this cour for the show.
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Old 2014-07-06, 13:05   Link #639
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There must always be a Space Dandy
sub/dub out
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Old 2014-07-06, 13:13   Link #640
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That was just so weird. I loved it! Though my favorite moment came from the alternate dimension Dr. Gel and Bea.

I wonder if the Dandies, Meows, QTs and Honeys were all played by the same seiyuus. Cause that would be awesome.
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comedy, retro sci-fi

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