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Old 2014-02-03, 18:19   Link #1
Fortress Maximus
Mad about Mecha
Join Date: Dec 2013
What is a good song for a Gundam AMV?

For all series that is, UC, FC, AC etc.
Currently I'm using Ai Senshi (Soldiers of Sorrow), the original version from the second MSG compilation movie of the same name, this adequate?
I also feel it is too short, should I combine put another song to go after or before it? If so, which?
I already used Beyond the Time for my UC AMV btw.
Songs I might use at the moment.
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ OP 1 Anime Ja Nai (Not an Anime) by Masato Arai
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ED 3 Akatsuki no Kuruma (The Wheel of Dawn) by FictionJunction Yuuka
Mobile suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space ED Meguriai by Kou Ikeda

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Old 2014-06-22, 13:36   Link #2
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Are you still considering this? Would you like to join a proj? I'm running a collab multimedia proj for 00. Would you like to make OP/EDs for it? Granted there are musical themes. Each arc has a theme (eg., era or genre, except for the last arc) and they're all regular songs, not OST stuff, but mainstream music from the theme. I speak Japanese, English, Spanish, and can do written French. In other words, I have music in all these languages. But I'm not gonna tell anyone what to do unless that's what they want; this is a team effort, so I'd imagine we find related stuffs and shoot it back and forth until we find something we agree on.

I can also edit music (dabbled in making electronic music) I'm told that even for a remake such as this, it is possible to fit it with ori canon footage. I just have an old netbook that can't process video editing as my computer.

I would prefer if one of us had the digital copy of the music in fairly high quality wherever possible. (That being said, three arcs sport the theme of 80s, one of hip hop, and I have a tonne of both, but a lot of my JP 80s albums are on cassete bc that was what we used back then, and I'm not sure if some of those albums were even ever on CD). I do also have the series in HD (Might be blue ray rips. It has trouble playing on this netbook) which I can upload to share with you, although I got these only a few months ago from a torrent, so I do believe they should still be out there.

I'm a walking music encyclopaedia, and I could give you otherwise suggetions for 00, which is the only one I'm familiar with, but they would all be mainstream tracks and none OST stuffs, though I was in Japan until the '95 quake, so I can suggest plenty of 20th century Japanese music as well, and give you an HD rip if you wish, though you'd have to tell me your video software so that I can find out what HQ formats to not encode in. (My sig is from a song on an album the year prior to the quake, and I do have that in CD form)
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