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Old 2013-07-01, 19:11   Link #61
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Originally Posted by ri0 View Post
Though this might be a possibility, personally I'd find that disappointing. Somehow it would feel odd 'cause it would be a total loss of integrity for Doflamingo as a pirate and the Corrida Colosseum as a venue for top tier fighters betting their life on high class prizes.

Mind you, It's not like I'm wishing for that to be the case myself, but I still kinda think it's a possibility. I do agree that it would be pointless for Dofla to hold a tournament for a worthless "grand prize" just for the sake of springing an elaborate trap on Luffy, though. Though maybe there could be some sort of epic consolation prize in store for any winner who isn't Luffy (like a different DF, a huge cash prize, or a chance to join Dofla's crew like Bellamy's aiming to do, etc.). But again, I believe that the fire fruit is the real McCoy myself.

Edit: BTW, new thread.

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Old 2013-07-02, 04:52   Link #62
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Originally Posted by Bari_Phillis View Post
Yeah I definitely don't think that the fruit is fake. For some reason I don't see the fruit's power fitting into the story. It seems like it would be a useless addition if anyone else than luffy got it and then destroyed it.

Also, can someone update me on the current status of the marines? I got confused reading... are they there at Doflamingo's request, or because of some other reason (law)?
If the fruit were true, then maybe strawhats will keep it as a treasure or something that will be given to certain someone Luffy love to or someone will accidentally eat it.

Just like the old Roger and WB pirates time. if they will have the fruit they wouldn't consider it as a power up tools. as For Roger's crew they have the fruit until buggy acidentaly eat it. and for WB Crew's until BB stole it and decide to eat it for himself.
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Old 2013-07-03, 19:13   Link #63
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Can someone confirm something? On the second to last page, where people are receiving news that Doflamingo didn't quit being a warlord, in the middle panel there's a guy wearing a sash. Does the sash say "Warlord Candidate"?
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Old 2013-07-03, 19:33   Link #64
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^Yeah, that's correct. Dofla's troll sure put a damper on that one pirate's aspirations!

....Though he might still have a chance, judging by the following chapter's events.....
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