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Old 2017-01-12, 12:17   Link #1
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Nekopara the animation OVA

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It is an OVA adaption of the visual novel series featuring catgirls.

Kashou Minaduki, the son of a long line of Japanese confection makers moved out to open his own shop "La Soleil" as a patisserie. But upon moving out, hidden amongst his things were two of the catgirls, Chocola and Vanilla, that the family had been raising. When he tried to send them back, they begged and pleaded until he gave in and now they've opened La Soleil together. With two catgirls who really, REALLY love their master trying their very best and occasionally failing -- a heartful comedy opens for business!
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Okay ... this is silly and light hearted fanservice and I know it quite well ... but I still like nekomimi (as per this season's Nyanko Days short), so there you have it.
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Old 2017-01-21, 04:49   Link #4
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Wow, they wanted $100,000 and got over $570,000.
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Old 2017-01-21, 11:19   Link #5
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My pal & I ended up with a somewhat jokingly yet semi-serious discussion about a lot of things in Nekopara's setting as he told & showed me the game, like:

So are catgirls japan exclusive or we just simply don't see any other animal girls?

Does every country have their own respective animal girls then like America having rights/monopoly on Cowgirls?

Seems like there's established rules around owning one, just how deep in the society have this new pet/slave race been?

Having "easy access" to loyal cat/animal girls, have the population taken a further nose dive since "durr, dating girls are hard, I'll just live with my loyal catgirls forever!". Also from what I've heard Humans & catgirls can't procreate?

Where are all the catboys? The other animalboys? Seems like the crazy cat lady isn't so crazy after all with her harem of sexy bishounen catboys! Hahaha~

Was animal girls normal in that world or has "something" happened that led to their existence?



Like I said, we were joking around mostly but ended up thinking about somewhat deeper rather interesting possible outlooks & such.

....Oh right, OVA. Eh, I'll check it out. Cute things being cute & all that.
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Old 2017-03-10, 07:19   Link #6
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Nekopara OVA Crowdfunding Meets Final Goal in Overtime
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